Bolstering innovators in Africa

IMPACT MEASUREMENT Hubs have di ff erent targets and approaches, and these are reflected in the indicators and metrics used in the measurement of the impact of their programmes on, and the performance of their cohorts. An impact accelerator or incubator, for example, may be most interested in supporting companies targeting SDGs, while a corporate incubator or accelerator’s focus may be more on the average return on investment from the cohorts, the

ability to plug a certain startup into their distribution channels, or the prospect of acquiring. According to the respondents, revenue growth, team and user growth, product improvement and product launch are some of the most used indicators tomeasure the impact of their programmes. As a direct result of their support and services, the respondents alone have claimed to have directly contributed to the success of over 250 startups.


Product improvements 16%

Team growth 18%

User growth 17%

Revenue growth 19%

Lower churn rate 3%

Product launch 15%

Successful fundraise 10%

Other Impact 2%


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