AfriLabs and Mozilla Roundtables Report



African Innovation Ecosystem Roundtables

there seems to be lack of, or limited accountability for funding received through the innovation ecosystem. Mentorship will guide these entrepreneurs to ultimately develop and implement real, innovative solutions. Collaboration and partnerships with other entrepreneurs are key support needs in Sierra Leone followed by access to funding as the currentmodel of funding ismainly through family and savings which are often limited. Many businesses find themselves in a funding void as they are not large enough to attract funding or too small to be considered a viable opportunity. Although Ghana regards all the support options as important, the country needs investment in capacity building (including business acumen) and networking. This is closely followed by the need for micro-financing as this form of access to financing has been reduced drastically due to policy restructuring.

2.2 Southern Region

Participating countries

The region roundtable was held on the 21 st of September 2020 with participants representing the following countries: Southern

● Zambia, ● Botswana,

● Namibia, and ● South Africa.

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