AfriLabs and Mozilla Roundtables Report



African Innovation Ecosystem Roundtables

Executive Summary

Afrilabs and Mozilla felt that the time was right to embark ona journey to explore the innovation landscape, its challenges and its opportunities as ecosystems form and grow across Africa. It was decided to do this in the form of four regional roundtable discussions with those at the heart of the innovation ecosystems, the innovators. Four regional roundtables were held to discuss the different ecosystems in each country, the level of collaboration across each region, the products developed and the need for support to improve the ecosystem and grow resilience. The discussions were led by facilitators from the respective regions and participants were active members of the local ecosystems. The discussions provided evidence of a minority of stronger ecosystems as a contrast to the majority of fairly young, still maturing, ecosystems. Across thecontinent itwasevident that thereare some fundamental challenges that affected all such as access to funding/finance, local policies to protect and enable the ecosystem(s), lack of access to affordable connectivity/internet and a general need to collaborate across the regions. The report highlights some of the discussions and key insights and makes some

recommendations towards future involvement of the Afrilabs/Mozilla partnership in the African innovation ecosystem.

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