AfriLabs and Mozilla Roundtables Report



African Innovation Ecosystem Roundtables

1.3. Study Objectives

The overall study objective was to gain some insight into:

1. Ecosystems The aim here was to understand the ecosystem per country (and the region collectively) by discussing the number of innovation hubs, their key markets (i.e. those that they reached), and the demographics of some of the beneficiaries of their services. Furthermore regarding the way forward for these ecosystems, the study was interested in understanding what each region believed they should stop, start or continue doing with special reference to governments and technology corporates in their region. 2. Products Considering the rich cultures and unique conditions in Africa, the products portion aimed at gaining insights into the products that could be scalable and the challenges experienced, support received and assistance required to roll out such scalable products/services. Furthermore, the study set out to understand the emerging issues for innovators to address, the key considerations in building resilient, scalable, human-centric solutions and the regions understanding of, and utilisation of open source software. 3. Support The last segment intended to understand the support needs of the ecosystem. The focus here was on determining the most pressing support needs ranging from exposure to challenges and access to markets, to financial, technical skills, tools and expertise.

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