Building a Resilient Innovative Africa in a COVID-19 world

“A lot of us in the technology sector will be defined by what we do right now, how we respond and contribute to recovery efforts. There are specific policy dilemmas in areas like privacy, data sharing, content moderation, where open societies traditionally place a high value on individual rights and freedoms. In the face of an urgent and unprecedented global crisis, it will be appropriate to reconsider how these policy trade-offs are balanced, but we must do so consciously. Policymakersmust ensure transparency over both decisions and consequences and of coordinated policymaking that balances innovation and privacy protections. There shouldbe roomfor public toparticipate andquestionmisuse of COVID-19 funds like in the case of some countries.”

Alice Munyua Director, Innovation and Public Policy, Africa at Mozilla

“COVID-19has accentuated just how innovation-oriented young Africans are. The continent has seen an incredible range of digital-based platforms and tools designed to alleviate the impact of the pandemic across important sectors such as health and agriculture. This is a signal for policymakers to play a stronger role in providing adequate infrastructure for Africans to create and innovate. R&D is therefore crucial.”

Kevin Chika Urama Senior Director, African Development Institute, African Development Bank


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