Building a Resilient Innovative Africa in a COVID-19 world

While agreeing that the key to education inclusivity on the continent is complete and affordable access to data for all, Honoris United Universities' Lopez feels that the value of face-to-face, real world collaboration must not be undermined. While COVID-19 has taught us the need to be prepared for a purely virtual education reality, for now a more balanced approach is needed.

“As societies grapple with the immediate challenges of COVID-19, there is a temporary challenge of physical proximity – which naturally acts as a stress on ordinary education because the physical interaction is not allowed to happen. Yet face-to-face, real world collaboration is critically important in the development of a curious, solutions-oriented mobile mindset. It is very hard to achieve this purely through a digital medium because it lacks the highly personal, peer to peer collaboration that comes from feedback face to face. Despite this, however, we are seeing virtual hubs evolve as a result of the fact that youth are forced by circumstance to come together digitally: this is far from perfect but it is a short-term solution that in itself demonstrates an agility and ability to quickly adapt and gain the peer feedback they need but in a digital environment.”

Luis Lopez CEO, Honoris United Universities


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