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be entirely their own. Instead, ask some questions to help spark ideas.

you opportunities to get a little creative this summer. For example, if your kids want to walk on the moon, a road trip to Craters of the Moon National Monument in Idahomight be in order. WHEN SUMMER ENDS You probably won’t get to everything on your bucket list. DisneyWorld might not be in the cards for your family this summer, or maybe you’ll run out of time. On the last night of summer, take the list down and talk about all the great memories youmade while doing the activities you checked off. Then, put the list somewhere safe and revisit it next summer. There may be things your kids aren’t interested in anymore or new ideas they’d love to add. A FEW SUGGESTIONS Here are a few great summertime activities to jump-start your family’s summer bucket list:

• • • •

What are your favorite things to do? What is something new you’d like to learn? What is something you’ve always wanted to do? Is there a place you’ve always wanted zto visit?

If your kids are only able to come up with three ideas, that’s okay! You can always addmore to the list as the summer goes on.

NO PRESSURE This bucket list isn’t meant to create the“perfect”summer. It’s meant to help your family have a fun summer! Let your kids know they don’t have to fret about coming up with incredible activities for everyone. Their list could include simple activities like“Lay in the grass,”“Look at the stars,”or“Watch a sunset.” DREAM BIG Let your kids come up with any number of outrageous ideas, without regard for budget or even the laws of physics.“Make s’mores”and“Watch fireworks” are summer staples, but don’t say no if your kids want to“Fly to Italy”or“Walk on the moon.” Encourage your kids to dreambig, but remind them that the bucket list is a wish list, not a promise. Just because something is on the list doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to do it. Of course, the“impossible”ideas might give

• • • • •

Go to a drive-inmovie. Build a lemonade stand. Have a picnic in the park. Run through the sprinklers. Make lunch with food from a

farmer’s market. Ride a Ferris wheel.

• • •

Fly a kite.

Visit the public library and find books to read before bedtime.

A summer bucket list is a great way tomake fun a priority and encourage your family to spendmore time together during summer break.

Have a fun and happy summer!

Unlikely Pro Athletes Who Beat the Odds Sometimes All It Takes Is the Power of Will

The life of a professional athlete can seem like all glitz and glamour, shaking hands, kissing babies, and occasionally performing in the spotlight under a little bit of pressure. But for every athlete you see on your television screen, there are actually hundreds more in the minor leagues fighting against all odds tomake it to the big stage. And some of those athletes have disadvantages that mean they have to work twice as hard just to get the same respect as those who’ve had an easier road. These professionals prove that sometimes all it takes to see your dreams come true is an ability to block out the noise, put your head down, and keep your disabilities fromholding you back. Here are two athletes who did just that. BILLY MISKE: FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE Boxing is a sport of extreme violence and diligent strategy. To be a winner, youmust be smart and physically capable. For a while, Billy Miske was both of those things—until he was diagnosed with the life-threatening Bright’s disease that severely affected his kidneys. Already considered a bit of an underdog, he chose to keep fighting to pay off his increasingmedical debts and give his family a shot at a better life. As his disease progressed and he realized his days were numbered, fate pitted him against heavyweight

Bill Brennan. Despite his doctor’s orders, and despite facing a much larger opponent while he was literally at death’s door, Miske shocked the world by knocking Brennan out and delivering the dream Christmas that he’d promised his children in the process. He died a few days later, immortalized by his fighting spirit and refusal to quit. JIMABBOTT: NEVER NEEDED A HAND After being born without a right hand, the odds of Jim Abbott playing baseball in any capacity seemed slim, but Jim Abbott didn’t care about the odds. After developing a one-of-a-kind fielding routine where he would switch his glove from his shorter arm to his dominant one, Abbott took his talents all the way to the major leagues. Fans around the world watched as he turned his disability into a 10-year MLB career that included throwing a no-hitter in 1993 against the NewYork Yankees, which was one of the most remarkable accomplishments in baseball.

Sometimes the sky isn’t enough. Ultimately, the only limits that hold you back are the ones you set for yourself.

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