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Even during tough economic periods, consumers are turning to small luxuries that meet their high standards and provide those little moments of enjoyment. This has created a growing demand for premium food and drink, as it is still relatively affordable compared to eating out. It gives an innate sense of pleasure and escapism at home which consumers would usually experience in a restaurant.

Uncertain times can bring an array of opportunities within premium food and drink, as consumer consumption changes...

COOKING FROM SCRATCH An opportunity to sell premium condiments and cooking sauces.

FAMILIES EATING TOGETHER Products for recreating takeaway favourites or ‘fakeaways’.

A FAMILIAR CHOICE Shoppers will look for well-known, trustworthy, premium brands.”

ENJOYMENT & FULFILMENT Premium drinks, mixers and meals become more important.

LUXURY SNACKING Snacking moments turn into more of a premium treat.

RITUALS AND ROUTINES Quality products like coffee will make the day more pleasurable.

The most commonly cited reasons for a product being perceived as premium are:

54% 46% 38% of consumers perceive premium as exceptional quality. say that it is to do with a superior function or performance. think premium is reflected by a better style or design.

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