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you need to turn or slow down, take care to signal early and reduce your speed gradually. Increasing the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you will also give you enough time and space to act accordingly. LEAVE SPACE TO THE SIDES Commercial vehicles take up most of the space on the road, and safe drivers will be aware of this. To help manage this space, keep your vehicle as centered as possible in the lanes and avoid driving alongside other drivers. Be aware that during high winds, it can be hard to stay centered in your lane, especially for smaller vehicles. In general, it’s crucial to avoid driving next to others, especially in unfavorable conditions. If you find yourself traveling next to or with other vehicles, keep as much space as you can between you and them and either slow down or speed up to make sure they can see you.

A safe driver is constantly aware of the space they’re driving in and how fast they are moving in that space. There needs to be enough room around a vehicle for a driver to maneuver safely if the situation calls for it, especially when they’re driving a larger vehicle. The space around a vehicle can be split into three parts: the front, behind, and sides of the vehicle. LEAVE ENOUGH SPACE AHEAD Although all the space around a vehicle is important, the area in front of the driver requires the most attention. If a truck driver had to stop suddenly, they would need enough space in front of them to completely decelerate. To ensure you have enough space, follow the rule of one second for every ten feet of vehicle length at speeds below 40 mph. Following this rule is easy; when the vehicle in front of you passes a landmark, such as a shadow across the road, count the seconds until you pass the same spot. If you’re in a 40-foot-truck driving at 40 mph and you only manage to get up to “one thousand- and-two,” you’re too close. WATCH BEHIND YOUR VEHICLE When heavy vehicles are unable to keep up with regular traffic speed, they’re often tailgated. This might happen when driving up hills, during bad weather, or when other vehicles are trapped behind you. To reduce the chances of an accident, avoid any quick changes. If We are pleased to offer you and your enrolled spouse the opportunity to participate in the Big G Express Wellness Incentive Program, HealthCheck360°, again this year. You and your enrolled spouse are eligible to earn wellness incentives of up to $2,912 per year if enrolled in our Health Plan with a policy effective date of Sep. 1, 2019 or before. All wellness incentives earned during this new screening period will be effective Sep. 1, 2019. If you are unable to meet a health outcome for an incentive under the HealthCheck360° Program, you can work with HealthCheck360° or your primary care physician for an opportunity to earn the same incentive through a reasonable alternative process. To speak with a representative about what options are available to you, contact HealthCheck360° at 866-511-0360 by August, 31, 2019. HEALTH 360

Knowing these safety tips will help you drive safely and minimize risk to yourself and others.

We encourage you and your enrolled spouse to take advantage of this wellness incentive program. We hope all plan participants will earn wellness incentives during this new screening period. A healthier Big G Family helps control our company costs, which keeps our employee owner’s weekly premiums affordable each year.

If you have any questions, please call Amanda Forst in our Human Resources Department at extension 3523.

Call now to Schedule HealthCheck 360 Screening at your house (FREE TO YOU) 855-867-8467! The scheduling service is available from 9 a.m. to 7p.m. CST. If all agents are on the other line, you should be given an option to leave a call back number. We encourage you to take advantage of this option to avoid long wait times — especially during the initial announcement. If you have questions, you can reach HR at 931-680-3193! –Randy Vernon, President


Maximum Weekly Incentives Available:

$14 per Week

$10 per Week

$4 per Week

Participate in Screening and complete HRA survey

For Non-Tobacco/Nicotine Users that participate in Screening & Complete Survey

For Score of 71 or improvement over prior year score by 5 points or more

Processed beginning with check date September 1, 2019












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