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2018 is already off to a fast start! The feedback you readers have given us about the Hero Insider is encouraging. We’re glad to provide you with news and tips to help you become a hero to your family and your business. We are sure that this month’s recipe will definitely make you a hero in the kitchen as well! In the practice, we recently completed the merger of two nonprofits serving special needs families. We’ve added new business clients and have helped several more families plan for their futures. Helping people plan for success makes work a pleasurable experience. In his book “Mastery,” author Robert Greene states that this is how one knows they have a vocation. #calling February marks the official return of the Fort Lauderdale Lady Landsharks spring lacrosse season. We continue to build from successful summer and fall seasons. As the new head coach of the 12U team, I look forward to even greater achievements for these hardworking and dedicated middle schoolers. They all exemplify grit and determination.

WANT MORE SALES? Improve Your Customer Experience

Every business wants to increase sales, revenue, and profits. Companies also want to provide an exceptional customer experience. What you may not realize, however, is how interconnected these two goals are. For a long time, business owners knew that customer experience was important, but they didn’t know how to quantify it. It made sense intuitively that providing great experiences added value to a company. The question was how to prove it. THE HARD VALUE OF A GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE A Harvard Business Review study tackled that very conundrum. The study, led by Peter Kriss (not the drummer from KISS), laid bare just how crucial customer experience is to your bottom line.“Not only is it possible to quantify the impact of customer experience,” Kriss writes,“but the effects are huge.”The study found that companies that scored 10 on a customer experience survey could expect 2.4 times the revenue per customer than companies that scored a 1. The results were equally stark for subscription-based businesses. Companies scoring on the high end of customer experience (8–10) could expect members to stay with them for at least five years. The companies with low scores? They couldn’t even guarantee their members would stick around for another subscription cycle. Kriss sums up the results emphatically: “It’s time to stop the philosophical debate about whether investing in the experience of your customers is the right business decision.”

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Cover story, continued ... Now that there’s no doubting just how valuable an exceptional customer experience is for your company, you need to figure out how to go about delivering one. 3 WAYS TO DELIVER A STELLAR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 1. Resolve Issues in a Timely Manner We live in an on-demand world. Streaming services are replacing traditional TV. Ride-sharing has taken a huge bite out of the taxi industry. The list goes on. With customers prioritizing convenience and instantaneous feedback, being prompt with resolutions will benefit you tremendously. No company knocks it out of the park on 100 percent of their transactions. Mistakes happen, but how you handle those mistakes will go a long way toward defining how customers feel about you. Don’t make your customers jump through a million hoops to have an issue settled. Empower your problem-solvers to deal with customers without approval from supervisors. Another way to cut down on resolution time is to give customers multiple avenues for support. If a confused customer can get an answer via text message, they won’t have to spend a second on hold.

2. Personalize the Experience Every customer wants to feel special. The surest way to ensure unhappy customers is to treat them like nameless dollar signs. You should take every step you can to personalize your customer experience. Even small details like addressing people by name canmake a big difference. Proactive contact is another great tool in this regard. If you reach out to customers, they’ll feel recognized. Even better, provide recommendations based on previous purchases and experiences. Not only will this make customers feel like you know them, but it will encourage them to purchase more. You can achieve the same goal by creating a loyalty program that rewards consistent customers with perks. Amazon Prime is a great example of how this can work. Customers who sign up for Prime get free shipping, streaming services, and digital photo storage. They also spendmore money than non-Prime customers. It’s a win-win situation. 3. Take Feedback Seriously Getting feedback from customers is a foolproof way to improve their experience with your company. That is, if you actually receive their

feedback with an openmind and act on it. Too many companies offer surveys without any intention of using them. Unless feedback actually changes the way you do business, it’s just lip service. As Bill Gates once said,“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” Imagine a customer points out an area where you could do better. The next time that customer comes around, they’re going to be mindful of their request. If you deliver, they’ll walk away impressed. If you don’t, they’ll probably just walk away. A GREAT EXPERIENCE CREATES FANS FOR LIFE Keeping your eye on customer experience will reap rewards for your business. After all, a business that makes customers happy is a business built to last. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, a man who knows a thing or two about customer experience, puts it best:“If you do build a great customer experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.”

How Young Minds Absorb a 2nd Language And the Benefits of Learning Early

your little one to different sounds in their first year, the more they’ll pick up those sounds as their brain creates new neural circuits. If you speak a second language and have a child at home, now is a great time to share it with them. Your child is especially ready to pick up new sounds and words, with the added benefit of learning their heritage. If you’re ready to teach your child a second language, here are a few ways to incorporate new words. 1. Take time to talk with your child in a second language during playtime. Research shows babies need personal interaction to learn, so switching on the TV in another language won’t suffice. 2. Increase vocabulary by giving options in a second language. Try questions like “Do you want juice or milk?”or “Do you want to play on the swings or by the tree?” 3. Find a language exchange group or bilingual daycare to increase your child’s exposure to a second language. If you don’t know a second language but want to give your child a head start, you can begin by learning new words together. How fun would it be if you become bilingual as a family?

If you speak a second language, you have the unique ability to set your child up for a lifetime of advantages. Not only does a second language benefit your child in adulthood, but learning another language also strengthens multiple parts of their developing brain, according to Michigan State University. You may not want to overload your kids with two lexicons, but this is really not the case. Children quickly adapt to dual languages. The brain is a muscle, and like any other muscle in our body, the more it’s exercised, the stronger it becomes. With all the research floating around about how beneficial it is to teach your child a second language, you might wonder why youngsters pick up languages so easily. According to NBC News, the answer lies in their flexible minds. Children’s brains develop in response to external stimulants. Did you know that babies are born with the ability to distinguish the sounds of all languages? As they get older, even before their first birthday, they lose that ability. Kids are able to take in sounds, intonation, and language structure more easily than adults who have to painstakingly memorize verb structures and grammar. Children under 8 are especially primed to pick up a new language thanks to flexible ear and speech muscles. As they take in new words, it increases their ability to focus on one thing or change their responses, a skill called cognitive flexibility. The more you can expose

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If you walk into your local nutritional supply store, it won’t take you long to realize there are way toomany supplements on the market. Some contain basic essentials like vitamins and fish oils. Others advertise themselves with wild names like“MassiveMuscle”or“Core CRSHR,”and they contain a laundry list of chemicals. It would be hard for an expert to figure out the benefits of each supplement, let alone a regular person trying to boost their nutrient intake and get the most out of their workout. However, there are a few solid rules of thumb to follow if you don’t want to buy a jar full of placebos. RULE 1: YOU CAN’T GO WRONG WITH VITAMINS Vitamins andminerals are the catalysts for nearly every process in your body. Without a solid foundation of vitamins, higher-octane supplements won’t work as well. Unless you are the strictest eater around, you’re probably not getting all the nutrients you need from your diet. Look for natural or organic vitamins that contain a variety of useful compounds, like vitamin D, B vitamins, iron, andmagnesium. RULE 2: READ THE INGREDIENTS (ALL OF ‘EM) According to Harvard Health, supplements are the“WildWest of American health.”Companies have to do very little to get their products approved and on the shelf. Because of this, the buyer needs to be vigilant to avoid getting duped. Before you toss a supplement in your cart, be sure to read every ingredient, including the inactive ones. Alternatively, do some research before you shop to find trusted brands. Take a Break


Many supplements are tailored to specific types of workouts. If, for instance, you are doing high-intensity workouts, youmay want to consider adding some whey or creatine to your regimen. Your body metabolizes these compounds quickly during workouts, so keeping your levels high will enhance growth and speed up recovery. Except for basic multivitamins, there are no one-size-fits-all supplements. RULE 4: DON’T OVERLOOK NATURAL COMPOUNDS Natural supplements, like fish oil, bone broth protein, and probiotics, have loads of benefits for the body. As an added bonus, you rarely need to worry about side effects, provided you don’t take more than is recommended. Take a look at your supplements and ask yourself where synthetic compounds can be replaced with natural ones.

DETOX SALAD Sweet and Zesty

Hoping to shave off those extra holiday pounds or keep up with your New Year’s resolution? Look no further than this easy winter detox salad!


FOR THE SALAD 3 cups chopped kale leaves 2 cups chopped broccoli florets 2 cups chopped red cabbage 1 cup matchstick carrots FOR THE DRESSING 1 large carrot, roughly chopped 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon finely chopped ginger

1 cup chopped cilantro 1/2 cup toasted slivered almonds ⅓ cup sliced green onions 1 diced avocado

1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon white miso 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil Salt and pepper, to taste


smooth. Season to taste with salt and pepper or add extra honey for a sweeter taste. 3. Drizzle dressing over salad and serve immediately.

1. To make the salad, add all ingredients to a large bowl; toss to combine. 2. To make the dressing, add all

ingredients to a blender or food processor. Pulse until

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4 Ways to Show Love to Your Employees

A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

LET THEM TAKE CHARGE If you see a teammember taking the reins on a project, you need to reward their initiative. Employees who feel empowered to bring their own ideas into the fold are often the most productive and satisfied staffmembers. When you notice somebody going above and beyond, don’t let them toil in silence. A little acknowledgement and confidence will inspire other teammembers to bring their A-game, as well. LITTLE TOKENS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE What if every one of your employees walked in onValentine’s Day to find some candy hearts on their desk? And what if a few randomly selected boxes had a slip for a few hours of paid time off? It costs almost nothing to you, but it shows you’re thinking of them. Little, creative bonuses like this can be a huge pick-me-up. Don’t announce your plans in advance. The surprise will make the gesture all the sweeter.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing love and appreciation to those around you. You’ve probably already booked

a dinner reservation and ordered flowers for your significant other (at least, we hope you have), but don’t forget it’s just as important to show love to your employees. Spreading a little positivity will raise employee morale, and it doesn’t require a grand gesture on your part. Here are some easy, meaningful ways to let your employees know you care.

MAKE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT PUBLIC Sometimes, a simple high-five and“Job well done!”is enough to remind your employees of your appreciation. But if you want to take giving props to the next level, create a shared space where employees can spread the love around. You can create a wall in the break roomwhere employees can credit each other or you can provide a public forum for verbal encouragement. Either way, receiving wider recognition will mean a lot to your staff.

HAVE A STAFF DINNER This one sounds obvious, but too few companies take the time to break bread with their teams. Eating is a fundamentally communal activity, and getting everyone together for a meal will boost spirits. Put a moratoriumon any shop talk and use the meal as a chance to learnmore about your employees’lives. If you have a larger staff, it’s better to break into teams. Your staff dinner shouldn’t feel like a work event. The goal should simply be to have a good time.

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