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Transforming regions through empowered communities

It’s time to fulfill our promise by sustaining our regional projects

“It’s our belief that the WE Villages model is an effective, sustainable and cost-effective approach to breaking the cycle of poverty in rural, marginalized communities worldwide.” —Dr. Jason Saul, Co-Founder and CEO, MissionMeasurement, a leading research firm that measures and evaluates social impact Mission Measurement’s independent third party research shows that our programs deliver transformational social outcomes in our partner communities. Overall, their evidence-based analysis concludes that WE Villages is: • Rights-based • Effective • Community partner driven • Cost-effective • Sustainable We consider every partner community much like a diversified investment portfolio. The only difference is that our ROI isn’t measured in dollars earned, but in the impact we leave behind. We are proud that each of our partner communities showcase our history of successes in unlocking the potential of rural communities around the world. Together, we work to ensure each village has the skills and tools necessary to leave the cycle of poverty behind and achieve their true potential. Once our partnership wraps up, communities have… • The agency to continue to grow and expand upon the work we implemented together. • Mobilized to run the projects we’ve introduced and hold the government accountable for the promises they’ve made. • Self-sustaining mechanisms in place. There is no dependence on donor dollars to sustain what has been introduced. How WE Villages measures up

To date, we have successfully partnered with over 90 villages around the world, with great success. This impact has been funded by a generous community of individuals, families, foundations and companies from across North America, the United Kingdom and around the world. With every gift, our impact has grown. After 25 years of success, it’s time to move to a new fundraising approach. We are eager to move away from the cycle of securing the annual commitments necessary to operate our regional projects and, instead, secure the funding that will enable these projects to thrive in perpetuity. Your targeted investment can help us fulfill the promise we’ve made to these partner communities: that their health care, their secondary and post secondary education, and their economic opportunities will be available for generations to come.



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