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In 1999, we partnered with our first community, Ol Musereji, right on the edge of the Maasai Mara, to provide safe, quality education. That first school has expanded into the holistic WE Villages model that has positively impacted the entire region. We have also invested in region-wide projects that reinforce the impacts created by our core WE Villages model: high schools, clinics and hospitals, farms, and, now, a college. These projects have ripple effects far beyond our immediate partner communities.

Impact by the numbers

1 million+

people are within the referral catchment region of our healthcare services, made up of Baraka Hospital, Kishon Clinic and our mobile clinics.

2,774 192,000

hours per year are saved by the average women because of our centrally located water kiosks.

The importance of education

students will receive a quality education by the 120 students who will become qualified teachers at WE College in the next five years.

Faith was born in the rural community of Salabwek, the last of 15 siblings. She grew up watching her sisters get married before they could complete Grade 6. But she saw a different path in her future, thanks to WE’s new partnership with the village. “Since I was born … I had heard about people who were educated up to the college level. Even women from other communities. That really inspired me … I just wanted to be different. Be educated.” She convinced her father to let her complete primary school. Then, Kisaruni Group of Schools opened its doors and she fought to be accepted. By the time she graduated, her father had become her biggest champion. Today, she has graduated fromWE College, proud to be an ambassador for Kenya’s booming tourism industry. And whenever she returns home, her nieces and nephews gather around, eager for stories of her adventures and full of questions as they chart their own education journeys for the years ahead.

12 million

unique patient visits will be delivered by 60 students who will become qualified medical practitioners at WE College in the next five years.


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