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Anchoring education in Kenya

Kisaruni Group of Schools

When we first started working in Narok County, Kenya, we focused on building primary schools for young children, giving them the opportunity to receive a quality education where none existed before. We quickly saw students excel and flourish academically—reading and writing skills improved, grades were on the rise and bright eyes eager to learn filled the room day after day. With these achievements, parents deepened their commitment to their children’s education. This led to the opening of the Kisaruni Group of Schools in 2011. For the first time in the history of many families in the region, parents delayed the marriage of their daughters so they could attendhigh school. Todaywe host up to 360 students across the school’s two campuses,Milimani (for girls) andNgulot (for boys). Working in partnership with community members, the student body and leading academic experts, we have designed a model of education that transforms the lives of young people so that they can become leaders who contribute to the development of their communities. Core tenants of this model include active learning, valuing culture and giving back. We know that Kisaruni is quickly becoming one of Narok County’s premier learning centers for academic excellence. Its graduates will become the country’s leaders, positively impacting both the public and private sectors. Families have done their part: they have delayed the marriage of their daughters. They have taken on more responsibilities at home. And they have invested in their children’s educations. It’s time for us to do our part. Let’s ensure Kisaruni’s doors remain open for generations to come.

“I’m now at the place that I’m supposed to be. This is the start of a successful journey. This is where my dreams will come true.” —Elian, age 17


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