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WE College

When we celebrated the first Kisaruni graduation, we asked the graduates about their dreams. They identified careers that positively impacted the lives of their families, neighbors and the wider community—doctors, nurses, educators, entrepreneurs. And their desire to return home to support others on their educational journeys. And their parents stood by them, steadfast in their support.

WE College was born from these dreams.

We’ve designed a campus that is redefining what a post-secondary education can achieve in rural Kenya. It offers a unique leadership program, integrated IT education and subject areas that funnel directly into their chosen career paths. And every student is offered a full scholarship.

They can get a job anywhere. And they are choosing to pursue their careers in their home communities.

The impact created by these graduates will be profound. A single teacher who passes through our college will teach over 1,600 students in her lifetime. A single nurse or clinician will impact over 400,000 patients throughout his career. Business graduates will start businesses that will employ their neighbors and build the road infrastructure that will connect their communities to new markets. They will shape the future of Narok County and beyond. WE College students have done their part: They’ve defied the odds and attained a level of education that took generations to achieve in North America. It’s time for us to do our part. Help build a campus worthy of the students who have their sights set on reaching it.


Faculty of Medicine

Admin building

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Business & IT

“I’m so grateful for this chance in life. I waited six years and overcame so many struggles for this opportunity. I never thought I’d get the chance to be a person that others look up to or that I could help those in my community. I’m so grateful.” —Betty

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Faculty of Public Health

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