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25 years of sustainable impact

It started as a promise to a single village. Then it spread to over a million people. Now it’s time to create an ecosystem of sustainability.

We have taken an extraordinary journey to get where we are today. From humble beginnings starting in 1995 with a fight to end child labor, to building our first school in Nicaragua, to developing the WE Villages model to address the root causes of poverty, the WE movement has come a long way. From the outset, impact has always been our North Star. Now we are seeking strategic investments that wil l ensure the long-term sustainability of community-based and regional projects, resulting in a return on investment that

The first 25 years of our international development work was focused on researching, continuously iterating and perfecting a development model to lift people out of poverty. WE Villages is our platform for scalable and sustainable international impact. Implemented in true partnership with local communities in nine countries around the world, we focus on interventions in five key areas: education, water, health, food and economic opportunity. When executed simultaneously, these Pillars of Impact are self- sustained, ensuring communities never need charity again. In select cases, we have introduced projects that expand our impact beyond the individual community, benefiting entire

help to accelerate development and create an ecosystem of impact.

The next 25 years will be focused on scaling this platform to maximize impact. Our model of development is tested, scalable and replicable. Now that these projects have been established, and their impact proven, it’s time to ensure they are sustained for generations to come. This is an invitation to join us at an investor. Think of it as venture capital for social change, where ROI is measured in lives transformed. Let us show you why, where and how.

My life first started to improve when we formed a women’s group and bought goats. It helped me to build a home that I could be proud of; that others admired. At home, we have the support of our husbands to come and bead each day. We know that it is enabling our children to get a great education. And for my children not yet old enough to attend school, I have peace of mind that they are being cared for while I work. —Judy Cheborkei (from the village of Enelerai, Kenya)

regions. We’ve established high schools, health clinics

wil l last for generations.

and hospitals, farms, and, most recently, a college. These projects


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