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Sustaining access

Health Care

Twenty years ago, the rates of typhoid, cholera and HIV/AIDS were overwhelming in our partner communities. In less than a generation, these diseases have been all but eradicated. We have created a robust system of health care access, from workshops on preventative measures that families can implement at home to inpatient and surgical services at one of our two health facilities. The community has done their part: mothers are delivering their babies in our maternity ward. Parents are bringing in their children for life saving inoculations. And for the first time, communities have access to complex surgical services for critical ailments that otherwise would go untreated.

It’s time forus todoourpart.Wedon’twant to settle foroffering just thebasics.Webelieve that amultifaceted systemof care is vital. It’s time toensure that all service areas are sustained for generations tocome.


The women across the Maasai Mara are ambitious, hardworking and resilient. They have led much of the incredible change that’s swept across the region.

To honor their leadership and ambitiousness, we built them a dedicated empowerment center. A place where they can learn new skills like reading and writing, financial literacy and household saving, and family health care. It is also a place where they can bead as a form of alternative income, hear from each other and mentor the next generation. All while their small children are being cared for.

It’s time for us to do our part. We know this just the beginning. Andwe want to ensure the vital programs and services that have gotten them this far are available to all the women in our partner communities.

Food Security

For generations, families across the Mara have struggled with high levels of food insecurity and malnutrition. But we know that investing in agriculture is one of the most impactful activities to develop multigenerational empowerment because sustainable agricultural systems increase food security, develop local economies and community resilience. Through agricultural initiatives families can thrive as they have access to greater economic opportunity that can lift them from poverty. Families have done their part: they’ve committed to learn, participate and implement new agricultural approaches. It’s time for us to do our part. We want to expand on the programming already offered by establishing a new farm. This will ensure all families throughout the region can have access to the vital training necessary to become food secure.



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