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Sustainable agriculture Families throughout rural Ethiopia have struggled to feed their families. They live in constant fear that the rains will never come, and their crops will, yet again, fail. Over the past three decades, families have lost this battle more often than they have won, leading to widespread drought and famine. Now that tens of thousands of children have access to a quality education, it’s time to tackle their families’ food insecurity. We know that until families feel in control of when and where their next meal is coming from, they won’t be able to break the cycle of poverty, let alone thrive. Sustainable agriculture is the answer. We want to build off our existing successes in Kenya, Ecuador and India and apply these learnings in Ethiopia. We know that a large-scale, centralized farm can host trainings and enable farmers to interact with the new crops and infrastructure they can apply on their own farms, including vital access to water.

The impact of this centralized farm doesn’t stop there. The profit from crops sold will: • Sustain the operations of the farms in perpetuity • Be invested in projects across the other four WE Villages Pillars of Impact

Families have done their part: They’ve prioritized their children’s education over everything else. Even as parents carry the burden of providing the family’s next meal, they continue to send their kids to school. It’s time for us to do our part: let’s invest in the systems that will fund themselves in perpetuity and lift over 100,000 people out of poverty by 2030.

By 2030, the profits from these farms will:

Build 150 classrooms in 15 communities

Create clean water access for 100,000 people

“Had this school been not here, I would have to travel … one and half hour away from here. Especially as a girl, the journey of about three hours every day could have made it difficult for me to stay in—or even go to—school.” —Maymuna Mohammed

Reduce the stunting rate in our partner communities by half

Install proper sanitation facilities so all our partner communities can be 100% free from open defecation

Support 1,000 women and girls with business skills and income generating activities



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