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Enabling new communities to begin the journey to self sustainability Over 25 years, we have partnered with over 90 communities. These communities span three continents and each is its own living success story. Because of the interventions that are delivered through our five Pillars of Impact, communities are thriving and the projects are sustained. As families and communities thrive, these success stories spread across regions. Our field team members are regularly approached by community leaders in neighboring villages, inviting us to come and work with them next. Their pleas are harrowing: children are still dying from fully preventable diseases due to lack of clean water and nutritious food. The government hasn’t built schools or provided enough teachers and the schools they’ve built by hand are crumbling. Mothers are dying in childbirth as they deliver at home, without a health professional present. They can’t grow enough food to feed their families. Through the initiative of these community leaders, we have built a waitlist with dozens of communities eager to join us in partnership in creating a brighter future. They are ready to work hard, to learn new skills and to evolve their behaviors. They are eager for their children to go to school and chart a brighter future for the family. And they need our help. With your investment, we can say “yes” to the next partner community and begin their journey toward self-sustainability.


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