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Let’s make this happen

Sustainable, transformative change.

We have a plan, a 25 year track record of success and will effectively manage your investment —with 90 percent of every dollar going directly to projects.

We’d love to have a conversation with you about how your investment can create a lasting legacy of sustainable impact.

Amember of our teamwill work with you to bring your investment to life in a truly personalized way, meeting your unique philanthropic goals. Options include bequests, as a gift in honor of a loved one, honoring a unique milestone like a retirement or as part of a multi-year pledge.

Witness your impact firsthand

When you invest inWE Villages, you and your family will create a deep and lasting bond with the partner community. As a catalyst for change, you’ll have the opportunity to make a personal connection and take an active role in the community’s transformation.

Visit the community on a ME toWE Trip and be immersed in local culture, learn from village elders andwork alongside communitymembers on a sustainable development project.


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