WAPT Rehab. Where Is Your Back Pain Coming From?


What is CBD and why is everyone talking about it? Can it really help decrease pain? Does it work as well as pain medication? Does it get you high or show up on a drug test? Are THC and CBD different? What’s better a lotion, balm, or oral drops? What does the research actually show? Physical Therapists are committed to help their patients heal and finding ways for them to feel better naturally. That’s why we are hosting a CBDWorkshop attheclinicon March21stat10am. Wewanttoanswer your questions about CBD products and the potential it offers for natural pain relief and healing. We will specifically look at the evidence and research about CBD products. Do You Know About CBD? Excited To Try CBD For Yourself? Attend our workshop and receive 15% off CBD products with the special coupon inside this newsletter! Call 425.820.2110 to register your spot today! Limited seats available!

www.waptrehab.com | 425.820.2110


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