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Dalkeith celebrates carnival

The weather was perfect for a parade on January 30 as people gathered alongside the road to watch the fun. Besides the parade, the DalkeithWinter Carnival hosted several events on the weekend including hockey, a pool tournament, meals, music and dancing, and much more. – photos Diane Hunter

A great time was had by all at the Carnival.

Even the Bonhomme Carnaval paid a visit to the Dalkeith Carnival.

“Bullshit” from the Arbor Gallery DIANE HUNTER Deception at the Ar

Christian symbol that is kind of like a prayer,” commented Cavanaugh. “God will protect people who use prayer, so as it went, crossing the fingers is a way to tell a lie and it wouldn’t count.” Cavanaugh spoke about authors whowrote books on and about BS including Harry G. Frankfort, a philosophy professor. Cavanaugh went on to informwhere the word came from and some of the historical significance it held. He also explained the grammatical meaning and that the second half of the word is merely a suffix. Cavanaugh explained the emotional meaning of the word as well. “Never be embarrassed about being a bullshitter,” added Cavanagh. “I encourage you to do it. Begin to think that maybe our perception about words and styles aren’t written in stone.” Upcoming talks on the Arbor Gallery Speaker Series include Our Conversation with the Cosmos , given by Richard Alexandrowich from Alexandria, the president of the Vankleek Hill Astronomy Club, on February 6. On February 13, Jessica Sarrazin, from Dalkeith, will give a talk on Living Well with Fibromyalgia .

Phil Arber introduced Saturday night’s speaker for the Arbor Gallery Speakers Series as someone who had a lot of experience with “Bullshit” (BS). Arber said Brendan Cavanaugh, a retired professor, and psychologist had a lot of practice dealing with politicians and lawyers with his involvement in the International Adoption Agency located on the second floor of the Arbor Gallery. “The message tonight is deception,” began Cavanaugh. He went on to explain the different meanings, expressions, and global references to the word, BS. Cavanaugh said that every single language on the planet includes the word BS. “It is something inherent in the human species,” he explained. “We need to BS. It is universal. It is a concept that exists around the world in every nationality. It is something about the way people think and behave.” Cavanaugh discussed BS in religion and discussed the meaning of crossing your fingers. “Crossing your fingers is a

Brendan Cavanaugh spoke to an attentive audience at the Arbor Gallery January 30 on the subject of “Bullshit”. – photo Diane Hunter

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