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Christmas, ELF Style Perhaps for all of us, religious or secular, the Christmas season takes us back to our childhood experiences of the holiday and forms the basis for our preparation for it today. As a child, the wonder of decorating the Christmas tree with glittering ornaments and shiny tinsel began the holiday season of the twelve days of Christmas. We had a sparkly calendar that had doors to open each day that contained a quote from scripture, signifying the religious meaning of Christmas — the birth of Jesus. Stories of Christmas, such as “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” were read to us at night before bedtime, while my brother and I would stare at the packages so beautifully wrapped. We would spend hours wondering which ones were ours and imagining what they contained. And of course, we would go to bed hoping Santa would bring us the toys we longed for. Each year, many of us want to experience the same feelings of wonder and anxious anticipation of Christmases past. Whether it’s through decorating the tree with family or watching the little ones’ eager, impatient faces as Christmas morning ticks closer, that feeling never truly leaves us. So, where did gift giving begin, and why is it important? I have never asked myself that question before – it’s just something that is done this time of year, every year. Curious to know what those around me thought, I asked some folks to see what Christmas means to them and found that the gift-giving expectation is a stressful time for many in the business world. Originally, gift giving wasn’t dedicated to one day during December. The celebration of giving gifts to people originally spanned across several days or weeks. The Dec. 25 became the dedicated gift-giving day sometime in the fourth or fifth century. Giving gifts to people dates back hundreds of years – back to when the Magi brought tributes to baby Jesus, and even further back, during winter festivals held throughout Europe. One of the most common gift-givers and most known modern stories told is about St. Nicholas, who brings gifts to children all across the world. Old St.

Nick was introduced to America in the 19th and 20th centuries, his stories brought over by European immigrants. In our office, we have so many clients we appreciate and want to acknowledge, but what if the gift seems trivial? Or what if we miss giving a gift or sending a card to someone who is important and we want to recognize? People’s feelings can get hurt, which is so contrary to the spirit of Christmas and the gift of everlasting life. It wasn’t until I came to South Carolina as an adult that I experienced the White Elephant method of gift giving. Oh, what a relief it was! Having to buy one gift for a holiday gathering is infinitely less stressful than buying a gift for each person, and it’s a lot more fun too! Now we do a White Elephant Christmas luncheon amongst my elf staff (Get it? … Santa’s elves. Ho, ho, ho…) each year that we enjoy with eggnog or other beverages. We have a great time stealing the best gifts from each other, of course in accordance with the three- steal-rule per gift. No matter how you celebrate this year, we wish you a merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to all! -Alysoun Eversole www.eversolelaw.com 1

Hurricane Hero Tony Alsup

How One Man Saved Hundreds of Animals

in Texas and Florida as Hurricane Harvey pounded the Gulf Coast. When he finished there, his mission shifted to helping animals in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island. It’s said that character is defined by the way someone acts when no one is watching. Many people heard of Alsup’s bravery after the devastation of Florence, but as news stories turned to sports, politics, and business, America slowly moved on. Victims of the hurricane who lacked supplies received less national attention, but more than a month later, Alsup’s commitment to the cause was as strong as ever. Living out of the back of the bus for weeks, he drove pets out of the persistent flooding and convoyed shipments of desperately needed supplies to the coastal Carolina towns. You can follow Tony’s commitment on Facebook. He’s not asking for money or fame; he’s just a person with heart to serve, using social media to promote awareness about those who desperately need our help. If you’re wondering what drives such a person, you can find it written at the bottom of every update he posts: “Love y’all, mean it.”

In the wake of destruction, it’s easy to focus on self-preservation. After all,

fight-or-flight instincts are hard-wired into our brains so that we can survive dangerous situations. But while fear drives the actions of many in times of chaos, there are a few who find greater strength in compassion. Tony Alsup considered the potential devastation of Hurricane Florence as he sat comfortably in his home in Greeneville, Tennessee. Rather than sit back and watch, the truck driver by trade packed up an out-of-commission school bus he’d bought and set off to South Carolina with one goal in mind: to save as many animals as possible. Stopping by every shelter he found along the coast, Alsup rescued over 60 cats and dogs in both North and South Carolina and took them to Foley, Alabama. The heroic efforts of Alsup saved the lives of many animals, but it wasn’t the first time he’d rushed into danger for a good cause. He’d originally purchased the school bus, which he turned into Noah’s Ark last year, to save animals

Enjoy the Holidays!

Enjoy a two-hour tour through Beaufort’s historic district, where you can view the homes that are spectacularly decorated to celebrate the holidays. Stroll through over 280 historic homes located within Beaufort; 150 of these over 100 years old or older and some dating back to the late 1700s. People of all ages are welcome to take the tour and attend the Sunday Brunch at Beaufort Grocery Company afterward. The admission fee covers the local guide; restaurant gratuity; your meal choice off the brunch or lunch menu; drinks, including coffee, tea, mimosas, or bloody marys; and tax. New Year’s Eve at Aqua Where: Aqua Restaurant, 114 Middle Lane, Beaufort When: Monday, Dec. 31, 5:30–11:59 p.m. Admission: Prices Vary Website: aquaexperience.com Now is your chance to enjoy the last evening of the year with a fantastic dinner. Chef Jay is offering festive specialties, including their fresh catch and delicious bread pudding desserts. Call ahead and make reservations in advance to ensure that you’ll have an evening filled with good food and a glass of wine to greet 2019.

Looking for events to get you out of the house to enjoy the holidays? Here are a few local events to put on your winter agenda. Olde Fashioned Holiday Farmers Market Where: Carteret County Courthouse, 300 Courthouse Square, Beaufort When: Saturday, Dec. 15, 4:30–8:30 p.m. Admission: Free! Website: oldebeaufortfarmersmarket.org Less than a week before Christmas, don’t forget to catch the fourth annual year of Beaufort’s holiday farmers market! Attendees will enjoy spending the evening with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, strolling down Lollipop Lane, free gift wrapping, music, and food. If you haven’t had a chance to check everyone off on your Christmas list, now is the perfect time. There will be over 60 vendors for you to browse through with handmade trinkets and homegrown treats. Sunday Brunch Holiday Walkabout Where: 400 Front Street, Beaufort When: Every Sunday, Dec. 2–30, 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Admission: $69 Website: hungrytowntours.com/sunday-brunch-holiday- walkabout

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Meet Maggie Copeland and Kirsten Campbell

Outside of the office, I spend every chance I can with my daughter, Katherine, who’s 1 1/2 now. I spend so much of my time either in school or working that I spend all my free time with my daughter. –Maggie C opeland Similar to Maggie, I started working at Eversole Law firm through Catherine. I’ve known her for a couple of years, and when I was in college, she told me she needed help around the office. I decided that working for Catherine was the best choice for me. I work as an assistant around the office. Ultimately I’m the bookkeeper — I do a lot of scanning and take care of documentation. In the morning, I go through everything in my box, and then I update the bank accounts I’m taking care of. Afterward, I do anything else Catherine needs me to help with. When it comes to the direction I want my career to go in, I honestly don’t know where I’d like to go. I enjoy having a job that I can rely on, which is one reason why I love working with Eversole Law. When I graduated college, I left with a business management degree, which I know will be a huge help in almost any area I go into later in life. But today, I’m very happy to work at Eversole Law. –Kirsten Campbel l

Eversole Law Firm is featuring two of our fantastic office assistants for this month’s employee spotlight. We’re so pleased to have such amazing and diligent people in our office! I started working for Catherine Swanson at Eversole Law Firm in 2017. I was pregnant at the time and needed a better job than working nights at a restaurant, and my best friend, Grace, Catherine’s daughter, told me her mom needed help in the office. I applied for an assistant job and got the position, but on the day I was supposed to start working, I went into labor. I had to wait another eight weeks before I could officially begin working at the firm. Catherine was so amazing and understanding at that time, and I really appreciate her giving me the opportunity to work here. In the office, I do a little bit of everything — scannings, send-offs, post-closing paperwork for real estate, receptionist duties, all the courthouse runs, file maintenance, and anything else they need me to do. I’m still trying to figure out where I want to go in life. Currently, I’m in school for massage therapy, but once I’m done with that, I’m not too sure exactly what I’m going to do. I was interested in paralegal work, which is one reason why I was so keen to get into the office and work with Catherine. For now, I’d like to work here at Eversole Law and learn as much as I can so I can grow as a person and an assistant.


LEGALESE HolidayRoast Prime Rib Inspired by Food Network


To wit “To wit” is used in legal documents to signal that the statement it follows is being explained in more detail or specific terms, or identifies things, people, or events. “To wit” literally means “namely” or “that is to say.”

• 4 cups beef stock • 1 tablespoon fresh thyme, chopped • Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

• 1 bone-in prime rib (6–7pounds) • 8 cloves garlic, thinly sliced • 2 cups red wine


5. To make au jus, place roasting pan with drippings from roast over 2 burners on high. Add wine and scrape pan as liquid reduces. Add beef stock and cook until reduced by half. Finally, sprinkle in thyme. 6. Slice roast and serve topped with au jus.

1. 30 minutes before cooking, remove roast from fridge and let sit until it reaches room temperature. 2. Heat oven to 350 F. 3. Make small slits in prime rib and stuff with slices of garlic. Liberally season with salt and pepper. 4. Place a rack inside a roasting pan and roast prime rib for 2 hours, until medium-rare.

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1. Christmas, ELF Style 2. Hurricane Pet Hero Local Events Around the Beaufort Area 3. Employee Spotlights Holiday Roast Prime Rib 4. Everything You’ll Need for an Ugly Sweater Christmas

Ugly Sweater Parties A Fun Trend You Can Easily Follow! It’s speculated that the first ugly sweater party took place in Vancouver, Canada, back in 2001. Since then, the trend has become

WHAT EXACTLY IS AN UGLY SWEATER PARTY? It’s rather simple — slip on your favorite Christmas sweater, gather all your friends and family members, make sure there are plenty of refreshments and games, and you’re

one of the most popular holiday party themes. Come Thanksgiving, you’ll start to see racks in all types of clothing stores lined with hideous sweaters. If you’re ready to jump on the ugly-sweater- party bandwagon this Christmas season, here a few things to keep in mind. YOUR VERY OWN UGLY SWEATER Ugly sweaters come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. You can head to H&M or a local thrift store to pick one up. However, if you have a sweater that’s been cozied up for years in the back of your closet or a drawer, now’s your chance to give it new life. Arm yourself with a hot glue gun, thread, and needle, and patch Santa, Rudolph, or Frosty on it. And let it be known that an ugly sweater isn’t complete without sparkles, beads, and sequins galore.

guaranteed to have a top-tier party. A few ugly-sweater-themed games that should be on the agenda include an ugly gift exchange, which is similar to the white elephant exchange, except with the gaudiest gifts you can find; an ugly photo booth, complete with terrible, tacky props; and, of course, an ugly sweater contest. This is the only time of year when slipping into a lurid red sweater with a stuffed Santa sewn on the front is considered trendy. So adorn yourself in the frumpiest, tackiest sweater you can find, and have some fun this December!

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