Materials List - Grades 2-7 - Tiny Home Design + Engineering

EXPLO Online Required Materials Tiny Home Design + Engineering Grades 6 - 7

What’s in a Curiosity in Action™ Box? When you combine the right materials with top-notch project design and teaching, the combination is magic. All students enrolled in Tiny Home Design + Engineering will receive a box with a curated set of course materials to participate in our hands-on projects and coursework. Each box contains the following materials: Families should be aware that some boxes may contain prepackaged food items; please check for potentially dangerous food allergens as applicable for your student. Included in Box Quantity Alternate materials or where to buy replacements EXPLO lanyard 1 EXPLO notebook 1 Any small notebook or paper Pencil 1 pencil Amazon Eraser 1 eraser Amazon Pencil Sharpener 1 sharpener Amazon ¼” graph paper 1 pad Amazon Architectural Ruler 1 ruler Amazon Sketch pad/paper 1 pad Amazon Colored pencils 1 pack Amazon Chipboard 10 sheets Amazon Scissors 1 pair Amazon Double-sided Tape 1 roll Amazon Gluestick 1 stick Amazon

Technology Requirements ● To take advantage of all this course has to offer, we ask that students have access to a desktop or laptop computer, a printer, and a stable internet connection. ● Students will also need access to an account in the Zoom app in order to join their live class sessions.

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