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World Cancer Day


As people entered the salon, Shelly gree- ted themwith a fist pump and a grateful hel- lo. “I can’t believe the outpouring of support from the community,” exclaimed Shelly. “I told my wife, Jackie, last week that we nee- ded to do something for World Cancer Day.” Shelly’s son Jason, daughter-in-lawNatalie, and three granddaughters, Eva, Noémi, and Stella were on hand to help out with the event. On the morning of February 4 there were 30 or more people in Heidi’s salon at any given time. “Dave approachedme about this event, and I just wanted to help,” said Heidi Smith, owner of the salon. “I am just the host, everything else is Dave’s doing.” Shelly’s granddaughters helped out by handing out cookies, made by Jackie, to patrons. Niko’s restaurant donated juice, coffee, tea, and snacks for people contri- buting in the day’s events, and owner Nick Gouskos was one of the patrons to have his hair shaved for the fundraiser. Mayors from four neighboringmunicipalities where there to lend their support and crack a joke or two and several local business owners dropped by to lend their support and give a donation. Children from St. Jude’s school created posters for the event. “It’s people like you that will make a difference,” Shelly said to the kids. “You are the next generation that will bring awareness to cancer and hopefully in your lifetime have a handle on this crazy disease. Thank you.” Employees from the local Scotia Bank presented a check for $3,000. “It’s ama-

“Everyone knows someone that’s been touched by cancer,” said Dave Shelly to a crowded hair salon. With just a few days Shelly organized a fundraising campaign with the help of Heidi’s Hair Studio in Van- kleekHill on February 4, World Cancer Day. With less than a week, Shelly organized the event and managed to collect more than $10,000 for the cause.

Dave Shelly and Heidi Smith at Heidi’s Studio during the fundraising event for World Cancer Day.

zing,” said Shelly. “You usually need 90 days notice for something like this, but with just a few days, they pulled it all together.” Shelly told the crowd that the website set up by the Ottawa Hospital for them will remain open for donations until Friday. Donations can be made at http:// Shelly has dealt with cancer first hand, and still has a struggle ahead of him. He plans on doing much more in the future to help in the quest to find a solution to cancer treatments, and perhaps a cure. Dave Shelly andHeidi Smith at Heidi’s Studio during the fundraising event for World Cancer Day.

Mayor Gary Barton takes the opportunity to shave Dave Shelly’s hair after the goal of $5,000 was reached.

Dave Shelly and Heidi Smith at Heidi’s Studio during the fundraising event for World Cancer Day.

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