CONTENTS Edition 1 2017

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It’s a Great Time to Be a Part of Dwyer Group®

President’s Message: The Rainbow International® Difference

Life’s Defining Moments

CONTRIBUTIONS: Do You Know the Pulse of Your Business? 10 Best Practices from Scoping to Completion of a Water Loss 13 Leading with Values 16 Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Team: SMART Marketing 19 Top 10 Wins for Marketing Your Restoration Business at a Low/No-Cost Level 20 Basic Responsibilities of a Business Development Associate (BDA) 21 Planning Ahead for the Day You Sell Your Business 22 How to Get the Most Out of a Site Visit 23 Considerations for Adding New Territory: When Is the Right Time for Me? 24 Franchisee Spotlight: Chris and Maria Slay 25 Commercial/Property Management Opportunities 26 Getting Started in Reconstruction 28 Recruiting, Hiring and Retaining Employees: Becoming an Employer of Choice 33 The Importance of Job Cost Reporting 34 ProTradeNet® Update: Making “Dollars & Sense” 35 People Like You


President’s Message By: Mark Welstead

DWYER GROUP, INC. Mike Bidwell, President, CEO Dina-Dwyer Owens, Co-Chair Mary Kennedy Thompson, Chief Operating Officer Brandi Kloostra, Vice President of Brand Management Robert Henley, Brand Manager Brittany Hann, Local Marketing Specialist RAINBOW INTL, LLC Mark Welstead, President Marla Mock , Vice President of Operations Jack White, Vice President of Technical Services Bruce Jensen, Director of Business Development and Strategic Initiatives Jeff Bennett, Franchise Consultant Rick Smith, Franchise Consultant Craig Cox, Franchise Consultant Darrell Lopp, Franchise Consultant

Cameron McBurnett, Franchise Consultant Alex Braig, QA Reviewer Jose Bridges, Senior Franchise Consultant Jack Gaston, Franchise Consultant Jeramy Sibley, Franchise Consultant/ Sure Start Coordinator Sandi Taylor, Senior Franchise Consultant PROTRADENET LLC


Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Team:

SMART Marketing By: Robert Henley & Brandi Kloostra

Kathleen Seaman, Communications Specialist PRODUCTION Michael McCullough , Creative Manager Cody Peterson, Freelance Graphic Designer Kimberly Denman , Senior Communications Manager


Franchisee Spotlight: Chris and Maria Slay By: Jose Bridges

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