Operations Manager - The Oaks

What will it take?

Physical Effort • Operations Managers spend a great deal of time moving around their property, this may involve flights of stairs and an ability to respond to Fire Alarms or emergency situations where lifts may not be in use. • You will be working in front of a screen for a good proportion of your time. In line with the DSE assessment, we encourage time away from your workstation, fresh air throughout the day and a good balance between systems and human beings! • Some travel will be required from time to time. • Operations Managers are present for annual check-in weekends, which can involve lifting and carrying of items Mental Effort • This is a role of competing priorities and as a seasonal operation, there are times of year when workloads may spike or unplanned incidents will take over. The role requires someone highly organised, but someone who is calm and pragmatic in their response to changes. • Despite solid planning, short-notice work may be required of you. • Unpredictable pattern of activity, no two days are the same and this role would be more suited to someone who can operate effectively in a highly-varied environment. Emotional Effort • Frequent exposure to difficult circumstances involving customers and/or people. There is a known increase in mental health challenges for the student population and whilst we will provide all the tools, training and support necessary, we recognise everyone is different and there may be a more profound or lasting effect on some of our people. • As we build out this business, working on the development of organisational processes, systems and change, it can bring with it uncertainty. We would seek to minimise or remove any concerns for people through clear, consistent communication.

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