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How I Developed a Love for Landscaping

About seven years ago, I told Susie that I needed a larger canvas to fulfill my landscaping dreams. We purchased a cabin close to where I grew up in Kansas and began the process of refreshing the property. I’m very fond of evergreens, so we decided that at least 50 percent of the trees would be coniferous. Over the years, we’ve added shrubbery, flowers, and anything you can think of. It’s a continuous project and one that reaps new rewards every year. Traveling throughout the country has served as an inspiration for my landscaping. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the privilege of flying over New England in the fall, but if you have, you’ll know the view is truly remarkable. All throughout the area, the foliage is beautiful. While living there, I learned that maples are responsible for much the beautiful fall colors. I also learned how to pronounce foliage as a three-syllable world (fol-ee-idge) rather than the two-syllable variant more popular in these parts. To bring a little of the Northeast colors to Kansas, we’ve planted some maples and red oaks. It’s beautiful to watch them turn in the fall, especially alongside the evergreens. Together, they add up to a palate worthy of the majesty of the scenery surrounding them. At this time of year, the blossoms are coming up and landscaping season is beginning in earnest. That may send a shiver down the spines of my kids who know they are about to be assigned hours of unpaid manual labor,

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a fondness for the natural world. Trees, in particular, have been a constant source of study in my life. I take pride in trying to become a living, breathing field guide. When I’m on a road trip with Susie, I’ll often ask if she can identify a specific tree. It’s a great game for a car ride, though I have to play quizmaster rather than contestant. Strangely, plant identification is not a skill that’s taught in any detail in schools. I’ve found in my own pursuits that a little horticultural knowledge goes a long way in increasing my appreciation of nature. As I’ve grown older, my passion for landscaping has only grown. Don’t get me wrong; I’m still happy to have a hand with grunt-work tasks like mowing the lawn — that’s what kids are for, right? — but I take an active role in the planning, planting, and maintenance of our landscape at home. It gets me outside, keeps me active, and provides us with plenty of beauty to appreciate every day. As far as I can tell, it’s a hobby without any drawbacks. “I CAN’T WAIT TO LITERALLY GET INTO THE WEEDS AND SEE WHAT’S IN STORE FOR 2019.”

but for me it’s a welcome sight. I can’t wait to literally get into the weeds and see what’s in store for 2019. I hope everyone has a hobby that gets them out and moving during the most beautiful months of the year. It certainly doesn’t have to be landscaping — I understand if that sounds more painful than pleasurable to you — but it should be something rewarding and invigorating. Excitement and new experiences are what spring is all about.

-Dr. Jan L. Cobble

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If you ever receive a contract from an unknown entity out of nowhere, you should start seeing red flags. Unless you remember entering a contest, there is no chance you’ve won something. And it’s vital to understand that it is never safe to give out financial information over the phone or via email. COMPUTER SOFTWARE SERVICE FRAUD This type of scam is slightly more sophisticated. First, a hacker will call a victim and claim to be a member of a tech support team or an employee from a trusted company like Microsoft or Apple. Then, they’ll tell the victim there is a problem with their phone or computer and that if they cooperate with the “tech support” representative, they can sort it out. They may also ask you to install a piece of software on your device or provide credit card information to “validate your software.”

Scamming older adults has become big business. According to the American Journal for Public Health, an estimated 5 percent of seniors are hoodwinked by criminals every year, and that statistic is thought to be a steep underestimate since so many scams go unreported. To stem the tide of seniors unknowingly giving $36 billion to scammers annually, it’s important for retirees and their loved ones to get savvy on the subject. ADVANCED FEE FRAUD The most common con in 2017 and 2018 was the classic “You’ve won a sweepstakes!” scam. Victims are told they’ve won some exorbitant amount of money, but they must pay a fee to receive the prize. After the “fee” is paid, victims receive a fake check in the mail, but by the time it bounces, the scammers are gone and they’ve taken the money. Here are the two of the most common scams older folks fall prey to — and how to avoid them.

your personal or financial information, and they definitely won’t ask you to install some shady software on your computer. If you ever receive a call out of the blue from “Microsoft,” hang up the phone immediately. The first step to stopping these criminals in their tracks is to be aware of their tactics. With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be able to defend yourself and your bank account effectively.

The fact is that well-known tech companies will never send unsolicited emails to ask for

Jan, Shelly, Kerry and Susie all having a great time at seminar in Atlanta!



There’s no greater compliment we can receive than rave reviews and referrals from our current patients. We strive to provide care that’s worth talking about with your friends and family. If you know somebody who could benefit from our services, pass along a copy of this newsletter and ask them to give us a call.

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SEDATION DENTISTRY An Awesome Option for Those With Dental Anxiety

For some patients, the very thought of going to the dentist prompts a sense of fear and anxiety. Experts estimate that 9–20 percent of Americans avoid getting dental treatment due to dental phobia. Those folks all miss out on the benefits of regular oral care. To help shrink that number, it’s on us as dental professionals to make the experience of treatment as comfortable as possible. A method that’s become increasingly popular in recent years is called sedation dentistry, and we offer it at our practice to give you the best care possible. One method of sedation dentistry has been used regularly for decades: nitrous oxide. The inhalation of NO2, sometimes called “laughing gas,” provides brief, moderate sedation. It’s a great option for slightly uncomfortable procedures. The advantage of nitrous oxide is that the effects dissipate quickly. As such, you won’t be feeling the effects of it once your appointment is over. The downside is that it is not strong enough to reduce the anxiety of all patients. Oral sedation methods can offer further comfort for patients suffering from dental anxiety. With this method, you are prescribed a pill to take prior to your treatment. Oral sedation makes patients extremely relaxed. You will be conscious during treatment, but you may have no memory of being in the chair. Time passes quickly while under oral sedation. Often, patients will comment that they can’t believe how fast the procedure was, even if it’s lasted for longer than an hour. Even if you’re not normally skittish about visiting the dentist, you may opt for oral sedation if you need extended treatment. Additionally, we are currently in the process of obtaining certification for IV sedation. IV sedation allows patients to achieve a “twilight” state, where you are conscious, but barely so. You may not even be aware of your surroundings, and you’re likely to remember nothing of the procedure. It is faster acting than oral sedation. As with all of our treatments at Masterpiece Smiles, we don’t adopt a one-size- fits-all approach when it comes to sedation. We want you to have the most comfortable experience possible and will work with you to explore the best sedation options for your needs.



Inspired by Saveur Magazine

• •

4 small leaves iceberg lettuce 4 1/4-inch thick yellow onion slices 1 teaspoon vegetable oil Salt and pepper, to taste Condiments of your choice

1 pound ground chuck, 80 percent lean 4 soft, white hamburger buns, split 4 1/4-inch thick tomato slices

• • •

• •

12–16 pickle rounds


1. Lightly grease a small nonstick skillet with oil. Heat over medium-high. 2. While heating, gently shape meat into four patties 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Be careful to handle the meat as little as possible to prevent tough burgers. Season liberally with salt and pepper. 3. Sear patties on each side, about 1 minute per side. Reduce heat to medium-low and continue cooking until desired doneness, about 1 more minute per side for medium-rare, 2 more per side for medium-well. 4. Let meat rest for a minimum of 3 minutes. 5. To assemble, place patty on bottom bun and top with tomato, pickles, lettuce, and onion (in that order). Spread condiments on top half of bun and place on top of onion. Serve.





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3 Travel Myths You Should Stop Believing PARIS ON A BUDGET?

MYTH: JET LAG IS CAUSED BY A LACK OF SLEEP. FACT: While jet lag can make you sleepy, it’s actually caused by a disruption in your circadian rhythm. Our bodies are cyclical, and the circadian rhythm is set by both a natural need for your body to reset and outside forces, such as your job, time zone, and diet. Travel can disrupt this rhythm and routine, which leaves you lethargic during and after your vacation. Sticking to water before and during your flights and staying physically active during and after traveling are great ways to fight jet lag and get back into your normal rhythm. Don’t let these travel myths keep you from seeing the world. Set a budget, go with your gut, and prepare for a shifting rhythm to make your next adventure the best one yet.

MYTH: VACATIONS ARE EXPENSIVE. FACT: You can travel anywhere on a budget. Tracking flights to score the best deal, setting spending limits, and packing meals are a few ways to save money. Hostels and Airbnbs are great alternatives to spendy hotel stays. Additionally, you don’t have to cross the country to have a great trip. Every state has museums, unique roadside attractions, historical sites, and a booming nightlife. When you know your price limits and what you want to do, traveling can be a fun and inexpensive venture. MYTH: TRAVELING IS DANGEROUS. FACT: If you’re smart about what you do and where you go, traveling can be safe. Go with your gut and only stay somewhere that is approved by travel guides. Visit places you feel comfortable in, and do your research by reading travel blogs, websites, and books to find places that have been vetted by others. Traveling in groups can also be a great way to lower your risk of danger. As long as you plan ahead, you will have a safe trip.

Traveling has many social and educational benefits, but some people have hesitations that prevent them from jetting off on new adventures. Below are three debunked travel myths to give you some ease as you plan your summer vacation!


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