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The Lasting Legacy of Jimmy V Though March Madness has come to an end, each season, each team, and in some cases, each coach, leaves a lasting impression on the sport of NCAA basketball. I’ve been a Duke basketball fan ever since Duke played and lost to Louisville in the 1986 National

Jimmy V’s speech really shaped my mindset as far as the value of persistence is

in our darkest days, when we’re at our worst, either physically, mentally or spiritually, we should keep pushing forward. We never know

concerned. Even though he was not long for this world when he listed the

three things he believed everyone should do daily, they all reflect a positive mindset. Staying positive is a major component of endurance in the face of hardship, and Jimmy V embodied that. “Cancer can take away all my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul. All those three things are going to carry on forever.” I always found this quote to be particularly deep. It almost has a spiritual nature about it. I think of Matthew 22:37, in which Jesus cites the greatest commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your mind.” Jimmy V lists each of the ways we are commanded to love the Lord as the parts of our body which will carry on forever. I don’t think the connection is a coincidence.

Championship game, at the time led by “Never Nervous” Pervis Ellison. That said, I always enjoyed watching and listening to one of my favorite coaches, Jim Valvano, also known as Jimmy V. He led the Wolfpack to many successful seasons during his tenure, and even after he was diagnosed with cancer in the early ‘90s, he continued to inspire people. Shortly before his death in 1993, he accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage award. His speech, which accompanied his acceptance of the award, inspired me when I was just a young, impressionable high school junior. Some of his quotes still inspire me and the Grand Strand team today. I regularly play his speech for my team members, both old and new, to boost their morale and, in turn, boost the morale of our patients. “... there are things we all should do every day. We should do this every day of our lives. No. 1 is laugh. You should laugh every day. No. 2 is think. You should spend some time in thought. No. 3 is you should have your emotions moved to tears, could be happiness or joy.”

where our journey will lead.

At Grand Strand Health and Wellness, we always remind our patients and fellow team members of the mind-body connection. It’s on posters everywhere in our office. When you’re feeling depressed on a particular day, there’s a good chance you’ll also feel physically worse. Likewise, when you feel physically worse, you’ll probably feel mentally worse as well. At Grand Strand, we work to heal the mind by healing the body, but we also encourage our patients to maintain a positive mindset to help the body heal. Jimmy V stayed positive and fought to the very end. I hope I can live my life that way and help my team and all of you live your lives as Jimmy V did.


“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.”

This quote is also the motto of the V Foundation for Cancer Research, founded after his death. It perfectly sums up how Jimmy V lived his life, and how I hope I, my team, and my patients can live our lives. Even

–Dr. Chris Garner

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We get a lot of handshakes and thank-yous from our patients, but if you ever see a patient in our office dancing for joy, that can only be Regina. Regina has been a one-of-a-kind, amazing patient of ours for over two years now. She first came to our office after she attended one of our “Dinner With a Doctor” seminars hosted by Dr. Crilley. Since then, Regina has come in for monthly appointments, spreading her contagious good mood whenever we see her. Ever since Regina started on a wellness care plan with our office, she has encouraged her family and friends to visit Grand Strand so they can feel the same relief she does. If we had to pick three words to describe Regina, they would be considerate, fun, and high-spirited. She greets everyone at the office with a smile, and during her appointments, she loves sharing her adventures on the dance floor and her wealth of fashion wisdom with us. She also always has a life hack up her sleeve to share with everyone when she visits. In her free time, Regina loves spending time with her loving husband of 10 years, Woody, and her beautiful daughter, Jasmine. She loves to travel and to go “cut a rug” anywhere she can. Just as she’s absorbed so much knowledge about holistic health during her time as our It’s 6 a.m. on Monday morning, and your alarm clock blares in your face. You groan and, with the thought of another week looming over you, pull yourself out of bed. But the early wake-up call is the least of your worries. Another week has begun, and you’re still stuck in a job that you no longer love or maybe never did. Does this sound familiar? If so, you may believe changing careers isn’t worth the hassle, especially if you’re close to retirement, but here’s the secret: It’s not too late! There’s nothing stopping you from finding a career you love later in life. Here are three tips to get you started. BE FLEXIBLE If it’s been a while since you’ve hunted for a job, then you may have forgotten what it’s like. Job searching can be exhausting, and some job requirements can look overwhelming. But getting stuck in your ways and focusing on the things you cannot do will only hinder your ability to find a job you actually love. Instead, take a deep breath and be open to what comes. You may discover a hidden talent or passion! FORGET THE MONEY Money matters, but it shouldn’t be your first priority on the job hunt. Instead, consider what’s going to make you the happiest. What’s A Golden Opportunity in Your Golden Years 3 TIPS FOR CHANGING CAREERS LATER IN LIFE Grand Strand’s Patient of the Month CELEBRATING REGINA D.

patient, she has shared just as much knowledge with us about all the things that make her special and unique.

We have no doubt Regina will continue to value her health and wellness as much as she values the opportunities she has to dance. We can’t wait for her next visit to our office and to hear the advice or life hacks she has in store for us!

your dream job? What have you always enjoyed doing? If money wasn’t an option, what would you be doing right now instead of counting down the hours to 5 p.m.? Be realistic in your goals and find something you love. SEEK GUIDANCE Remember, you’re not alone in this fight! Plenty of people switch careers midway through their lives to focus on something they really enjoy. Seek guidance from those who have had a similar experience and look to professional job hunters or consultants for help. Furthermore, after years in the same job or industry, you’re bound to have made a few connections. Reach out for professional support. Regardless of what path you choose, remember that a career you enjoy is always possible. We can’t promise that you’ll love getting up at 6 a.m., but at least you won’t dread what comes next.


Grand Strand’s Team Owner of the Month Celebrating Brittany Wright

Even though she’s only been with our team for a relatively short amount of time, Brittany Wright has made a big impression on our office. Brittany joined our family as the newest team owner back in September as an intern from Miller-Motte Technical College. After she graduated with a degree in medical billing and coding, we hired her to work full time in the insurance billing department in November. Ever since then, Brittany has hit the ground running. While her job description might say she just works in the insurance billing department, she constantly offers a helping hand to the team in other parts of the office. She is always eager to bolster her knowledge of the day-to-day goings-on of Grand Strand Health and Wellness.

Wherever you might find her in the office on a given day, she will always have a smile on her face, and she’s always ready to crack a joke just when you need to hear one. Her laugh instantly brightens up any room she steps into. Brittany is the mother of a beautiful 9-month- old girl named Aubry.

or pushing Aubry on a swing at the park. Brittany and her family also love going to any

local events the Grand Strand has to offer. If they’re not out on the town, you’ll probably find them at home grilling or smoking some yummy food.

The next time you visit Grand Strand Health and Wellness, don’t hesitate to say hello

Outside of the office, she loves spending her free time anywhere outside with her daughter and her boyfriend. You might run into them pushing Aubry along in a stroller around the Marsh Walk

to Brittany and the rest of the team!

On top of being both eager and ambitious in her position, Brittany is also lovably goofy.

Client Success “I had nerve damage from a lower back injury (due to a car accident) in both of my feet. It was recommended that I try the foot treatment (cold laser therapy and rebuilder) to see if it would alleviate some of the pain when I came to Grand Strand Health & Wellness.I am so impressed with the excellent results I am feeling. In 4 weeks, after ten treatments from Rachael, my feet are almost pain free, which is amazing since I’ve lived with the pain for over 20 years. I will be recommending this service to everyone seeking relief from joint pain.”


–Noreen G.

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Celebrating Regina D.

Finding a Job You Love at Any Age


Celebrating Grand Strand’s Team Owner of the Month

Client Success


Fight the Sneeze With These Holistic Remedies


Holistic Methods for Taming Seasonal Allergies

POKE THEM AWAY Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment method that

The season of sniffles and sneezes is upon us, but you don’t have to let your allergies stop you from enjoying gorgeous April blooms and fresh spring breezes. Try these natural solutions to help combat your allergies and breathe a little easier this spring — though if your allergies are persistent, seek professional medical help. EAT THEM AWAY Food is often overlooked as a method to fight your allergies, but make no mistake: The nutrients in some foods can do wonders for your body! Use this to your advantage by choosing ingredients proven to fight the sniffles. Raw, local honey has the ability to soothe scratchy throats, which protects the airway passage from further damage. (Warning: Children under the age of 1 should never consume honey.) Also on the sweeter side, the naturally occurring enzyme in pineapple, bromelain, has been shown to ease inflammation and swelling, while quercetin, found in tea, red wine, and apples, can act as a natural antihistamine. If you’re looking for something more savory, spicy foods can light a fire under your mucus, break it up, and clear your nasal passages.

pinpoints specific pathways crucial to the flow of energy throughout the body and reopens them through strategic needle

placements. While studies have yet to prove that acupuncture can serve as a stand-alone treatment for allergies, it has been shown to aid in symptom management. Acupuncture can also decrease pain and release built-up pressure caused by congestion. DRAIN THEM AWAY Have you ever just wanted to open your nose and flush out all of your congestion? With a neti pot, you can! Simply create your own saltwater solution with filtered water — do not try this with unfiltered water, as deadly organisms can enter your body this way — and 1 teaspoon of salt. Some experts even suggest adding a pinch of baking soda to the mixture to soothe the bite of the salt. Next, pour the solution into the pot. Tilt your head to one side over a sink, pour the mixture from the pot into one of your nostrils, and let it drain out the other side. Repeat on the opposite nostril and feel the relief!


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