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JUNE 2019



M y name is Danette Eatherton, and I’m the senior paralegal and office manager for Marks Law Group. If you’ve been a client of ours before, I was probably one of the first people you worked with. I’m here to ensure that all the initial research pertaining to your case is sound, all relevant documents are in order, and that every T is crossed and every I dotted. I love what I do, and I love what I can accomplish for our clients by working at Marks Law Group. I’ve been the office manager and senior paralegal at Marks Law Group for about a year and a half, but I’ve known Aaron for a lot longer than that. I first met him when I was working for another personal injury law firm in 2008. He was a young lawyer eager to push his career forward. I could tell then he had the focus, interest, and temperament to become a successful personal injury attorney. Skipping ahead to 2014, my husband took a job in upstate New York, and it wasn’t feasible for me to continue working for my firm in Decatur from there. By that time, Aaron had started his own practice. My husband and I lived in New York for about three years before moving back to Decatur. I started reaching out to the Metro Atlanta legal community to see if one of them needed a paralegal. Aaron contacted me and asked me to help him take his firm “to the next level.” I worked part time for a while and eventually came on full time. Aaron needed someone who was already familiar with every step of the litigation process. I had decades of experience as a paralegal, and I knew how to take on new clients, organize all the relevant documents, and tie up loose ends. Many of the cases at Aaron’s firm were progressing more slowly than the client or Aaron wanted, so I had to figure out how

to “fast track” them. I have an eye for how to move cases forward, from the time a new client walks through the door until it’s time to settle or go to trial. The work of a paralegal has changed somewhat over the years. Digital record-keeping and the online availability of documents, like police reports, have streamlined the process. This means I can help people in a more timely manner than I used to, back when I first started. There was a slight learning curve when I moved from working primarily with hard-copy filing systems to electronic ones, but being able to help clients in a quicker and more efficient manner makes it worth it. Outside of work, I am a proud mother of five, with three children out of the house and two still at home. My oldest is in the Marines, stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, my second oldest owns his own plumbing business, my oldest daughter just moved out on her own, and my two youngest children are both still in high school. Even though I’ve been in the legal business for so long, I’m a mother first. It’s taught me how to nurture people and help them more effectively.

At the end of the day, it’s my job to make sure no one is just a file number. By being present through every step of the legal process, I can ensure every person’s story matters. I’m with them each step of the way. –Danette Eatherton

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