Solutions Unlimited - June 2020

June 2020

Celebrating a Father Who Strove for First Class And Showed Me How to Do the Same

bit more to go first class.” Many of you might have heard something similar from your dad or from another mentor of yours. While countless people are content to coast through life on autopilot, that certainly wasn’t how my dad lived. He believed that even when it seemed like there wasn’t anything more that could be done on a job, or when it seemed like you didn’t have any energy left to spend, you could always push yourself just a little bit further and that would ultimately bring you success in life. I’m so grateful that my dad taught me that. It really showed in how he parented me and in how he went about his daily responsibilities at work and at home. Beyond that, it also inspired me to adopt the same principle. Because of my dad, I know what it takes to get a first-class life, and I’ll be able to reflect on that wisdom for the rest of my days. Even though my dad isn’t with us anymore, I can find some peace in knowing that he’ll always be with me in memory. If you’re a father and you’re reading this newsletter, then I hope that you are looking forward to a great Father’s Day, where you feel loved and appreciated by your family.

Last Father’s Day was bittersweet for me, and this Father’s Day probably will be as well. It’s been a little over a year since my dad passed away, and many of the lessons that I learned from him and fond memories I have of him are still fresh in my mind. Fatherhood done right deserves celebration on Father’s Day, and if anyone did it right, it was my dad. So, even though this past year has been filled with “firsts” without him (first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first birthdays, etc.), I’m going to do my best to reflect on the time that I had with him and the lessons and memories he shared with me. Like a lot of dads, my dad never shied away from hard work. Some of the best memories that I have with him are the days that we spent working around the house and cutting wood, which we did with my grandfather. Dad served in the Army, and that service influenced a lot of how he lived his life from there on out. It certainly had a strong influence on how he and I would spend time together as I was growing up. We would often attend military airshows and go target shooting in our free time. He was also an avid World War II history buff. One of my dad’s favorite sayings sticks with me to this day and has shaped the way I go about my day and my responsibilities: “It only takes a little

Kevin's Dad and Kevin at his high school graduation!

on Father’s Day, then I hope that you can cherish the time that you spend with him, on that day, and every day that you get together.

–Kevin Smith

And if you’re not a father but you’re planning on spending time with yours


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