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Nov. 2017

Thank You for 5 Great Years!

Celebrating 5 Years of Synergy

W ith Thanksgiving right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to say thank you to all of our patients, our staff, and our community! I’m so thankful for everyone who has come to us for care and advice. I’m also thankful to everyone on our team. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people across every department, from clinician to marketing and everything in between! This is a team that has come together to deliver amazing patient care. They all share that same philosophy of going the extra mile for our patients — and really, for each other. Five years ago, I had no idea what Synergy Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine would become. I set goals, and I had a vision for the clinic, but year after year, I’ve found myself surprised at how we surpassed those goals. It’s been a tough road getting here, but I’m proud of all the new services we’ve been able to add every year. From trigger point dry needling to services designed for runners, growth means more benefits for our patients — and for people who may not have considered us in the past. Every new staff member we bring on and every new service brings more care options closer to where you live.

They were going up to Raleigh or Fayetteville, or even farther, for specific treatments. Thankfully, for so many of our patients, that’s no longer the case. I’m thankful for patients who have been with us since our early days. They’ve grown with us, referred family and friends, compliment when our patients refer a friend, a family member, a neighbor, or a co-worker. It tells us we’re doing a great job and that you trust us. and stuck with us through the challenges. It’s a huge

Of course, these services and others are still in progress, but they are something to look out for in the months and years to come. I can’t believe we started out with myself, my husband, and one person manning the front office. I came into this with big goals and a bigger vision, but I can confidently say we did it! Now, we’re on to the next set of goals. To all of our patients, thank you! To my staff, thank you! We wouldn’t have reached our goals without you! I’m excited to see how the next five years of Synergy unfold, and I’m excited to have you a part of it!

This is something we don’t take for granted. I think about the people who have been coming in for the past five years, just as I think about the people who just discovered us last month. Every person who walks through our doors means the world to us, and I will never let myself forget that. Looking forward to the next five years, I’m already thinking about the next round of services to bring into the fold. These are services that will complement much of what we already provide, as well as services that continue to focus on well-being. I’m talking about services specifically for people with osteoarthritis, women with breast cancer concerns, and many other services we currently lack.

Kira Boyd

When we started, many people had to travel hours out of the way for our care.



Achieving Your Goals ... TOGETHER


That Actually Work Cleaning ‘Rip-Offs’

noticed the jugs and spray bottles plastered with the word “Awesome.” Surely, this knock- off soap can’t work as well as your brand-name products, right? You’d be surprised.

amount for modern machines. You save money on detergent and machine repair! Foam Cleaning Blocks Anything with “magic” in the title sounds like a scam. For this reason, you may have avoided the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and similar melamine foam products. But this is one case where the product lives up to its wild claims. Melamine foam is abrasive and can break down and remove material from fine cracks and textures, making it an effective cleaner. It can be used to whiten sneakers, clean tub scum, and remove permanent marker from your fridge. Since the snake oil salesmen in the days of old first tricked trusting folks out of their hard- earned cash, consumers have wised up and are quick to write off perceived scams. Still, every now then you get lucky, and the cheap white sponge really does make the stove look like new. But you should still think twice before you say yes to gas station sushi. human body than ever before, and there are new and more effective techniques to aid in pain relief and healing. As a result, PT programs have been updated to reflect this. Many currently practicing PTs have a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) or a Master of Science in Physical Therapy (MSPT). These degrees are no longer offered by most, if not all, of the accredited schools. Now, they’re offering the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), which many newer PTs have, including many of our own therapists. If you are ever curious about the background of any of our therapists, you can find them on our staff page on our website, or feel free to ask!

Reviews online sing Awesome’s praises, suggesting it should really be a higher price for how well it works. Just make sure you wear gloves when you use it. Detergent Pods You use too much soap in your washing machine and dishwasher. At least, that’s what the New York Times reported as the No. 1 complaint from repair people and appliance experts. Modern appliances are designed to use less water, and as soap becomes more concentrated, using too much can damage your machine. That’s what makes detergent pods so handy. They don’t look like they can clean all your dishes or an entire load of clothes, but they actually provide the perfect

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But sometimes we stumble across a few hidden gems that make our lives easier. And, when it comes to cleaning house, we can all use a little “easier.” Check out these products you may have already written off and let them surprise you. Dollar Store Cleaning Products If you’ve ever ducked into the local dollar store to buy some Mylar balloons for your niece’s birthday party, you might have


What’s in a PT Education? Being a physical therapist involves more than being able to manipulate your muscles and joints, or developing therapies

Let’s take a deeper look at an education in PT: In order to become a PT, you must have a graduate degree from one of the accredited PT programs offered by a number of colleges and universities around the country. After you get your degree, you then take the PT exam, which is a national exam administered by the state. Pass this exam and you become a licensed PT.

tailored to your needs. While these are integral components of PT, many patients are surprised to learn just how extensive a PT’s background truly is. A lot of education and experience come together to bring you the expertise you know and love — an expertise in health and well-being. While each member of the Synergy PT team has a unique background in terms of experience, they come with similar training and certification. Certification is a must. Every member of the PT team spent years in school learning precisely what they need to know about the human body to deliver high-quality results as a therapist.

Over the past decade, PT programs have evolved to meet the needs of today’s patients. We know more about the



Part 3

When it comes to running shoes, there is a lot to discuss. Last time,

analogy often used by shoe manufacturers to promote their “maximum cushion” models. However, despite

When the relayed feedback is “clouded” by excessive cushioning, the foot is unable to appropriately determine and proactively respond to the high forces associated with each landing cycle. There have even been studies to suggest that runners land harder in higher cushioning shoes than in those with lower cushioning models. Although the cushioning may decrease the immediate stress to the foot and ankle, more forces are being transmitted up the lower extremity, placing the runner at increased risk of stress-related injury. If you have experienced stress reactions or fractures (especially of the tibia, femur, or pelvis), runner’s knee, or arthritis of the hips and knees, consider running shoes with less cushioning.

we looked at the first of four features to consider when buying running shoes: dropping the heel. This month, the focus is squarely on the second point: losing excess cushioning. What does that mean? Read on!

cushioning being a major selling point for traditional footwear, there has been no evidence that more cushioning equals

less running injuries or improved performance.

We frequently recommend running shoes with low-to- moderate cushioning. The foot plays an important role in proactively controlling muscle firing patterns and lower body stability through its responsiveness to input

2. Lose the excess cushioning .

This recommendation may ruffle some feathers. More cushion sounds like it would be a good thing, right? Who doesn’t want to feel like they are running on clouds? As a matter of fact, this is an

received when it contacts the ground. This sensory feedback

is best interpreted through pressure receptors located throughout the foot.

• 3 pounds sweet potatoes, roughly chopped • 1 onion, chopped • 2 stalks celery, sliced • 2 medium carrots, chopped • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced • 5 cups chicken or vegetable stock • 1 cup coconut milk • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper Sweet Potato Soup Ingredients Slow Cooker

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Instructions 1. Place all the ingredients except for the coconut milk in a slow cooker. 2. Season everything to taste with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. 3. Cover and cook on low for 6 hours or on high for 4 hours. 4. Puree everything until smooth, using a blender or an immersion blender. 5. Add the coconut milk, give everything a good stir, and cook for another 30 minutes. 6. Adjust the seasoning and serve warm.



Achieving Your Goals ... TOGETHER


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These Products Make Housework Easier! A Look at the PT Education

More Truth About Running Shoes Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

The Secrets of Turmeric

The Truth About Turmeric The Secrets of Turmeric

For thousands of years, sunny yellow turmeric has been a staple in curries as well as a spice renowned for its ability to treat a vast number of ailments. In recent years, this South Asian native has become a sort of “spice-of-all-trades.” Turmeric’s popularity has surged throughout North America. People are adding it to food and using it to treat everything from arthritis to heartburn. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the spice can treat just about every kind of inflammation, whether it’s joint pain or a headache. Have a stomachache or nausea? Try turmeric. Have a mild rash or burn on your skin? Try turmeric. Current studies are even looking into turmeric’s effectiveness as a treatment for diabetes and dementia.

When one substance is purported to have near-magical healing powers, you have to remember to take it with an additional dose of skepticism. Can one spice really cure everything that ails you? Let’s ask science. Researchers have identified over 20 distinct compounds that work similar to NSAIDs (such as aspirin and ibuprofen). Of those compounds, six are COX-2 inhibitors. COX-2 is an enzyme that causes inflammation and pain in the body. inflammation. One of these compounds is called curcumin, which is often considered the active ingredient in turmeric. An article published in the medical journal Nutrition and Cancer found that, by weight, pure turmeric powder contains 3.14 percent curcumin. In short, these six compounds help block the enzymatic reaction that triggers

However, clinical trials of curcumin have produced less-than-stellar results. A comprehensive review of 120 studies of curcumin, published in 2017 in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, found no evidence that the compound produced positive results as an anti-inflammatory or antioxidant. In fact, researchers found curcumin to be an, “unstable, reactive, non-bioavailable compound.”

So what does this mean for people who use turmeric for its medicinal properties?

If it works for you, continue to use it. If you’ve thought about adding it to your diet, give it a try. It’s safe to use, and studies have shown virtually no toxicity, even in high doses.


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