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December 2019

Making the Most of the Holidays For MyWhole Family

During the holidays, it’s essential to recognize those closest to us — those who have been with us through everything we have endured throughout the year. It’s an honor to celebrate with them and enjoy their company. However, it can be hard to find ways to make the holidays count with your family. I have a pretty big one, so over the years, I’ve developed a few traditions for making the most of the holidays for everyone! I organize my holiday events for the whole family! My son and I always get the tree ourselves. We make it an adventure as we pile into the car and drive through the city. With a cup of coffee in my hand and a cup of hot chocolate in his, we usually don’t have to drive very far to find a Christmas tree stand. When we do, though, I let him pick the tree. Like I mentioned last month, my son loves Charlie Brown, so it’s no surprise he loves “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”This year, I won’t be surprised if we come home with a smaller tree that deserves a home. After we have traversed Baton Rouge for our perfect tree, we head back to decorate. My son and I jam out to Christmas classics as we decorate the tree. After we finish, we move on to hanging lights around the house. When that’s finished, we retire for the evening and watch holiday classics. And you can probably guess which one is a staple in our house: “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” of course. I remember watching it throughout the holidays growing up, and it’s so lovely that I can bond with my son over it. It warms my heart how we can connect over movies. When you have a big family, it’s hard to get everyone together for the holidays. To make this a little easier this year, I’m inviting everyone to my house! I have two younger sisters and two older brothers, and we all have kids. So

“My son and I jam out to Christmas classics as we decorate the tree. After we finish, we move on to hanging lights around the house.”

are a thrill ride from beginning to end, and my son can’t wait to see Rey and Kylo Ren duke it out on the big screen! So, what are your favorite holiday traditions? How do you wrangle your family together for the holidays? Let me know next time you’re in the office! I always love finding fun things to do with my family during the holiday season.

when they come over, the house is packed with laughter and holiday cheer! A big family also means a lot of variables. Everyone has so much going on over Christmas, so to ensure everyone can make it, we rotate hosts every year. While the host may not have to leave their house, they are responsible for making the gumbo. This year, I’m making our favorite gumbo recipe filled with shrimp, crab, crawfish, and sausage! While the kids roughhouse, my brothers, sisters, and I play poker or spades to enjoy each other’s company. After everyone grows tired of cards, we relax and listen to classic Christmas carols like “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night.” If your family likes to get out on the big day, I recommend going to the theater! Before the end of the holiday season, my son and I always see the most popular release that’s out. A couple of years ago, we saw“The Last Jedi” and loved it! This year, we’re both looking forward to “The Rise of Skywalker.”The “Star Wars”movies

-Dathan Hill

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