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Monthly A Year of Traveling Looking Back on My 2018 Memories We had two 40th birthday celebrations this year, and both proved to be eventful. We had planned an adults- only trip in June to Cabo San Lucas for our neighbor’s birthday, but a hurricane made it’s dramatic landfall during that same time. After some heated debate, we all traveled to Las Vegas, where we cooled off in the lazy river and enjoyed a wonderful trip and even better company. Our next birthday celebration was in September for another neighbor’s 40th birthday. For this adults-only trip, we crossed the country and visited Nashville, Tennessee, for four days. All 21 of us visited the Grand Ole Opry, ate perfect barbecue, and toured down the Broadway area of Nashville, commonly called Nash Vegas. Every establishment we went into had live music from talented aspiring musicians, as the city stayed true to its moniker of Music City. The friendships I’ve made with these neighbors are so valuable to me, and it makes me happy to know they want to spend some of the most significant days of their lives with my family. This year, they also joined our family at my wife’s grandparents’ home on Lake Tulloch. This is the second year we’ve done this, and this new tradition has become a family favorite, especially for the kids! Per tradition, we went to Lake Tulloch with my wife and her family this July, too. This trip is a big family affair where my sons get to play and make memories with their three cousins. It’s family time we all look forward to every year. If 2018 is any indication of the fun I could have in 2019, then I can’t wait to get this new year started.

The famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee

wine country of Oregon, and we certainly discovered why. As a family, we also explored and learned about the Spruce Goose, a plane built entirely out of wood due to metal restrictions during World War II, at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. My final trip this year was another excursion to Oregon to keep up with another tradition. Every year, some buddies from elementary school — and we actually went to the University of California, Berkeley together, too — and I make it to one away Cal game against a Pac-12 opponent and plan to do so until we see the Bears play at every Pac-12 stadium. This year was Corvallis, a small river town with plenty of pride, local commerce, and 1960s style, where we saw our Bears pound the Oregon State Beavers 49–7! But the best part about these trips is the camaraderie with my friends and exploring another part of the country. This year, we also spent some time with their families, which is always a great addition to the trip. The not-so-great part, however, was the injury I sustained on this trip. If you’re curious, don’t miss upcoming editions of our newsletter! Next year, we’re going to go see Cal take on the University of Oregon for our Pac-12 game, but we’re also going to take a trip to Oxford, Mississippi, to watch Cal play against the University of Mississippi. I’ve always wanted to watch an SEC matchup, and the 2019 season has provided the perfect opportunity to do so at one of the best tailgates in college football! We also plan to take in some local sights and listen to blues music on the famous Beale Street in Memphis. Of course, my family will make it out to the lake with our extended family again this year, and early in 2019, we’re hoping to take a trip to see some snow and take the kids to Disneyland. We’re still planning out all that we want to do, but looking back on 2018, I’m excited to see what memories we’ll create in 2019!

Oregon also became a popular spot for me in 2018, starting with my wife’s cousin’s wedding in McMinnville, Oregon. The state is special to the couple because they both attended the University of Oregon, but the area is also a breathtaking part of the country, with rolling green hills, towering evergreens, and fantastic vineyards. McMinnville is even known as the

Happy New Year! Dr. Fabrice Rockich

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