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August 2019

The People-Centered Approach A Shared Commitment to Delivering Results

Like many companies just starting out, we started small in the early days of Profitable PPOs. Even then, we were far from a one-man show. Thanks to a group of dedicated, talented people, we are able to deliver the results we do today to practices across the U.S! Back in 2014, we were growing and needed additional talent to better serve our clients, so I started adding the perfect candidates to our team. It’s been a selective process because, as you know well, this is an industry for a specific type of person. People who work with dental insurance have to be extremely organized, detail-oriented, and persistent. They also have to be passionate about helping people. Not every person is the right fit. Upon meeting each of my team members, I sensed right away they shared my commitment to giving our clients results. That led me to bring on our amazing project coordinators, Kelly, Mary Jane, and Lisa; our talented research and data coordinators, Sarah and Kay; and our incredible credentialing/participation coordinators, April, Alisha, and Drea. Just like you have dental teams who work with your patients to optimize their experiences, our client success teams are here to optimize your experience. Each person you interact with is highly specialized in their area and has years of experience in the medical and dental field. For example, Kelly, Mary Jane, and Drea have been in health care for over 20 years. They know that when you’re dealing with dental insurance, the little things matter a lot .

Just like each treatment plan is different depending on each patient’s condition, each strategy for PPO improvement is different because each practice is unique. As we’ve grown, we’ve carefully selected each team member to ensure the best fit for the practices we work with. They manage tasks and juggle projects simultaneously. It’s a boon to our company and yours that our team specializes in their respective positions and can take care of things I can’t. Let’s be honest: Dealing with insurance companies can suck. Our team members are strong and assertive when it comes to negotiating. Most of our team members spend their days on the phone with insurance companies, so when you have to leave a voicemail with us, it’s usually because they’re on the other line talking to insurance companies on behalf of our clients! Balance is important around here. We all have families and kids of our own and know how important it is to be there for special events. When April’s daughter graduated from kindergarten last month, she was there for it — it doesn’t come around twice. When Lisa’s son was graduating from high school, she could be there for his once-in-a- lifetime milestone. We have potlucks and dinners to build camaraderie and just because we like hanging out together. At the end of the day, we’re people who like to help other people. We’re a team. Speaking of balance, my family and I love to travel. Because we have an incredible team at the office, my family and I will be able to spend a few weeks traveling this summer. (Hopefully you get to do some fun

things this summer, too!) While I’m gone, please know you can rely on the rest of your Profitable PPOs team to answer any questions you have. Don’t hesitate to contact them. Inside this issue, you’ll get to learn more about Kelly and the unique gifts she brings to Profitable PPOs. We also have some extra tips on how to make the most of what we offer.

Read on, and enjoy your summer!

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