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Determined to find out who was to blame, police put up surveillance cameras and recorded the goings-on in the cemetery. As they watched the tapes, sure enough, they saw one of the culprits sitting atop a gravestone with an empty flagpole in front of him. It was a groundhog. Apparently, the wooden flagpoles attracted groundhogs, something other groundskeepers had experienced as well. “I’m glad we don’t have someone who has taken it upon themselves to desecrate the stones and flags in front of them,” said Hudson mayor Bill Hallenbeck. “We can all rest a little easier knowing that it was a


Like the year before, flags were placed on veterans’ graves in honor of Independence Day and again, they went missing in the

Theft is a serious matter, made even more grave when the victims are fallen war heroes. Such was the situation that stumped police in Hudson, New York, in 2012. The crime had first been committed in July of the previous year. Flags were placed around the graves of soldiers in Cedar Park Cemetery only to go missing right around Independence Day. Veterans groups and locals were outraged and mystified by the crime. Some worried that a hate group was underfoot, as the missing flags had adorned the graves of Jewish soldiers. Veterans worked to replace the flags, one by one, and right the wrong. No culprit was found, and the community moved on — until the following July, when the mystery repeated itself.

night, this time from the graves of African American Civil War soldiers. Cemetery caretaker and veteran Vincent

critter and not a human defacing our flags, especially

Wallace was appalled, as was the rest of his community.

those of the veterans,” added Hudson’s police commissioner. Turns out Punxsutawney Phil has some very naughty cousins — ones who aren’t subject to the law.

“I just can’t comprehend the mindset that would allow someone to do this,” Wallace said.

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