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FIRST. Am I Growing in my Christian Life ? SECOND. Am I better acquainted with God’s Word than the day I became a Christian ? THIRD. Am I pointing others to the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world? I f you cannot answer these questions in the affirmative, something is wrong We can help you. Write for full information, regarding BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE COURSES to Secretary Correspondence School, Bible Institute of Los Angeles ' 536 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, Cal. At Last a Perfect Binder! You Can Have Your Year’s King’s Business Bound for Just One Dollar—In a Beautiful Leatherette Finish— Making a Handsome Book for Your Library. B ook b in d in g h a s b een alm o st p ro h ib itiv e b ecau se of th e h ig h cost. An o rd in a ry clo th b in d in g costs $ 3 a n d $4. T h is new sy stem of b in d in g h a s b een in v e n te d especially fo r THE K ING ’S BUSINESS a n d is by f a r th e m o st clev er th in g e v er tu rn e d o u t. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND YOUR COPIES TO US. W e send you th e b in d in g re a d y to p u t o n y o u r y e a r’s copies. No p u n ch in g to be done, n o g lu eing , n o e x p e rt know ledge re q u ire d . Y our copies a re h e ld in p lace by a line w ire ru n n in g th ro u g h th e c e n te r of each n um ­ b e r. T h e book becom es a p e rm a n e n t volum e if you w ish to h av e it so, a n d c a n n o t b e d istin g u ish e d from a n y re g u la rly b o u n d book. TH ER E IS NOTHING LTKE IT . W E GUARANTEE THAT YOU W ILE BE DEL IGHTED . B in d u p a ll y o u r copies NOW. Money b ack if n o t satisfied. Order from The King’s Business Office

T H E K IN G ’S B U S IN E S S MOTTO: “I, the Lord, do keep it, I w ill water tt every moment, test any hurt it, I w ill keep It night and day.’ - Isa. 27:3 11 ■' . ........... : PUBLISHED MONTHLY BY THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES 536-558. SOUTH HO PE STREET. LOS ANGELES. CAL. E n tered as Second-C lass M atter N ovem ber 17. 1910, a t th e P o st Office a t Los A ngeles, C alifornia u n d er th e A ct of M arch 3., 1879 A cceptance for m ailing a t special ra te of po stag e provided for in Section 1103. A ct of O ctober 3, 1917. auth o rized O ctober ’1. 1918. Volume X II November 1921.* Number 11





ALAN S. PEARCE. A dv. M anager Contributing Editors

Rev. T. C. HORTON. E d ito r in Chief

Rev. K EITH L. BROOKS. M anaging E d ito r


E d ito ria ls: T he P o stm illen n ial P ro p a g a n d a from th e B ishop’s Bench (1 0 6 9 ) , T h an k sg iv in g (1 0 7 0 ), R e g a rd in g E ffem in ate Fools (1 0 7 0 ) , Sense V ersu s S e n tim e n t (1 0 7 2 ), T he Voice of V ictory ‘(1 0 7 3 ), A M anly Man (1 0 7 3 ), T h an k sg iv in g B a rom e te r (1 0 7 4 ), A Good Sign (1 0 7 5 ), “ H ouse to 'L e t” (10 7 5 ) B ible B rie fs (1 0 7 7 ) S c rip tu ra l G reeds (1 0 7 8 ) G a la tia n E rro rs— By D r. C. I. Scofield (1 0 8 1 ) T h e In te rn a tio n a l Jew — By Chas. C. Cook (1 0 8 4 ) D avid in th e D um ps— By Rev. Jo h n McNeil (10 8 9 ) C h ristia n Science (1 0 9 1 ) Som e T im ely Q uestions— By Dr. L. W . M unhall (1 0 9 3 ) D arw inism— By B en B u h a r (1 0 9 4 ) E v an g elistic S to rie s (1 0 9 5 ) B ib le In s titu te H ap p en in g s (1 1 0 1 ) H om iletical H elp s ()1 0 4 ) T h o u g h ts fo r th e U n saved (1 1 0 8 ) C h ristia n ity , a C reed— By Dr. D insdale T. Young (1 1 0 9 ) N otes on th e Jew s (1110 ) C losing Up Je ric h o H o ad (1112 ) A M od ern L a z a ru s R a ise d (1 1 1 3 ) T h e P e p Q uestion— By W . H . C rouse (1115 ) R e g a rd in g R elig io u s E x p e rts (1 1 1 5 ) S u n d ay School L esson s (1116 ) D aily D evotional Studies-—By Dr. F . W . F a r r (1 1 4 2 ) Song— “ T h e Day of A ll D ays”-BB y H e rb e rt G. Tovey (1 1 4 9 ) E d ito ria l A fte rth o u g h ts (1 1 5 0 ) Good B ooks (1 1 5 2 ) A F ir s t C en tu ry S erm on (1 1 5 3 ) PLEASE W h e n s e n d in g s u b s c rip tio n s , a d d r e s s c o rre s p o n d e n c e o f T h e K in g ’s B u s in e s s , B ib le I n s t i t u t e o f h o a 658 S o u th H o p e S tr e e t. C h e c k s m a y b e m a d e n a r a h f a Y E A H FOREIGN COUNTRIES, INCLUDING CANADA $1.24 - SINGLE COPIES 15 CENTS ~ l n s t i t u t e o f L o s A n g e le s . D o n o t m a k e c h e c k ? n rt0™B1We _ o rd e rs _ to in d iv id u a ls c o n n e c te d w ith th e B ib le I n s t i t u t ? n e y O N L Y O N E D O L L A R A

1 § 1

W . R. HALE A ssista n t Superintendent of Bible In stitu te

One of th e new er m em bers of the In stitu te Staff who in a few m onths h as won a large place in th e h e arts of w orkers an d stu d en ts. Mr. H ale w as for y ears th e Y . M. C. A. sec re ta ry a t R iverside, Calif. He know s men. A nd he know s C hrist.


THANKSGIVING NUMBER I t is a good th in g to give th a n k s u n to th e L o rd , a n d to sin g p ra ise s u n to Thy n am e, O M ost H igh . P s. 9 2 :1 . R ejo ice in th e l o r d , y e rig h te o u s; a n d give th a n k s a t th e rem em ­ b ran ce of H is ho lin ess. P s. 9 7 :1 2 . O give th a n k s u n to th e L o rd ; call u p o n H is n am e : m ak e know n H is d eeds am o n g th e people. P s. 1 0 5 :1 .- Save us, O L o rd o u r God, a n d g a th e r u s from am o n g th e h e a th e n , to give th a n k s u n to T hy ho ly n am e, a n d to triu m p h in T hy p raise. P s. 1 0 6 :4 7 . THE POSTMILLENNIAL PROPAGANDA FROM THE BISHOP’S BENCH H HROUGH the periodicals of the press, the sword of the superintend­ ents and the ihouths of the poor preachers, the word has gone forth: “ Persecute the Premillennialists.. Warn the people of the grave danger of the doctrine.” Their allies are the Modernists who are seeking to veil the eyes of the dear people to the truths of God’s inerrant Word. We are publishing in this edition 34,000 of the King’s Business. We arc reaching thousands of readers, but we are not satisfied. How could we be when every mail brings letters of thanksgiving for the good work we are doing—from pastors, missionaries, Sunday School super­ intendents, Sunday School teachers and Christian workers—praising God for the firm, definite stand we have taken against the attacks of the enemies and in defense of the virgin born Son of God, Saviour of our souls and Lord of our lives. So many of you have, been blessed; so many are rejoicing in what God is permitting us to do, and now we come to ask your help. You will help us, won’t you? You mil rally to our support, will you not? You will help us to reach the 50,000 mark before the close of the year—a thing so easy for you to do. You will not fail us, will you? The King’s Business has been published at a loss from the beginning, but we have had unwaver­ ing faith in the purpose of God to use it for His glory in these dark days. When we reach 50,000 we feel confident that it will pay the expense of pub­ lishing. We are going to ask a very definite favor of you. Will you not take a post card and a pen or pencil, address the card to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles and on the reverse side write, “We will stand by you. You can depend upon us. Send us by return mail subscription blanks.” Put it in the mail box and then offer, in the name of our Lord Jesus, a prayer in behalf of the King’s Business. ' T. C H


TH E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

THANKSGIVING “ W hat shall I render unto the Lord fo r all H is benefits unto m e?” Ps. 116:12. Well, let ns stop a minute and think. What are His benefits? We are ready enough to find fault with God if any blight eomes, but slow to bow •our heads for His benefits. We share with all mankind the common ben­ efits, but as His dear children, what csCh we say concerning this world into which He has ushered us ? All things exist for us,—the heavens clothed in glory, the earth decked with radiant beauty. Yonder sun sheds its light for us and the stars twinkle for us. The brooks ripple with sweet melody for us, and the birds sing their heavenly carols for our ears. The fragrance of the beautiful flowers is for us; the mountain peaks lift their heads high toward heaven for us, and the valleys and hills spend their strength in our behalf. If the sweet singer whose message we have quoted Could lift his voice in praise for benefits, how about the saints of today with the wealth of God’s Word in our hands and the indwelling Holy Spirit in our hearts, pulsing the eternal life of God? ‘ ■ Paul says, “ Giving thanks always for all things unto God the Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Eph. 5:20.) What things? All things. For the night’s rest? Yes. For the daily food? Yes. For the beloved friends? Yes. For the home? Yes. For the trials of life? Yes. For deep sorrows ? Yes. For all things? Yes, for do not all things work together for good to God’s children? “ Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Eph. 5:19-20.) Have you ever noticed the contagion of a contented saint, whose buoyant spirit and merry soul does good as a medicine ? Thank God for all things ? Why, certainly. ■Our sins are all forgiven, blotted out from His book of remembrance. We have His life, eternal life, wonderful life. We walk in the light and have.fellowship with Him and with all of the redeemed. We have the assurance of the supply of every need, the deed in fee simple to a mansion in heaven, the unfailing promise of His coming for us and the assurance of a glorified body like unto His own. Pity the person who, con­ sciously knowing these things, would not be rendering continual thanks­ giving to God. And in whose name? The triune name of our Lord, the Kuler ;< Jesus, the Saviour; Christ, the Anointed One. The Lord Jesus Christ —wonderful name for a wonderful One! The God-man, Whose hand holds the scepter. He is ours and we are His. ■Through Him we inherit all things. Thanks be to God always. Let the old world have its say and its day! All days are ours. The melody of eternal joy ripples through our souls! Nothing can rob us of our eternal bliss. God through Christ has poured the cup to overflowing in our behalf. Let us pour out our grateful thanks always to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. T. C. H. REGARDING EFFEMINATE FOOLS A daily newspaper says: “ A dispatch from Washington states that the Protestant clergy are combining to stop the contemptuous treatment of Protestant ministers who are seldom represented on the stage or in the film« except as effeminate fools.”



One Kind of Optimism This is to be deplored. It ill-behooves theatrical people to make light of sacred things. There never would have been this country of ours, in which these people are making their fortunes, had it not been for ministers of the Gospekand Bible-loving people with their loyalty to the truth and faithfulness to the Word of God. These theatrical people may live to regret their position, and if not that, then it will be the fate of their children. But there is another side'to the unfortunate condition. Is there a lack ot strong, virile, Biblical preachers? Is that why clergymen are pictured as clowns * Is it because they have forgotten their call and calling, it they ever had one from God? Is it because so many of them are trimming the Gospel down and giving little sermonettes and twaddle-ettes to the people, saying soft, smooth things to their congregations and seeking to satisfy them with soothing syrup? No stage slanderers would ever have called John Knox John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards effeminate fools, and thank God there’are many stalwart servants of God in our land who will never be classified in that category. In no uncertain tone this unhappy condition creates a call to the clergy ' to sound out to a perishing world the oracles of God committed unto them; to tell the people the terrors of God’s unchanging law concerning sowing and reaping^ concerning heaven and hell; to tell them that God is love but that out of Christ God is a consuming fire; that the cross of Ghrmt bears testimony to its unchangeable truths; to tell them of God s love for~sinneia and God’s wrath against sin; to tell that every drop of blood which Sowed from the wounds of Jesus Christ will testify against them, if they reject His gracious sacrifice in their behalf. This flippant age with its flagrant sms against God and His holy Word needs to be awakened from its fanciful


THE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S dreams, and upon the ministers of the Gospel rests a responsibility tremen­ dous and solemn. “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men” to bow to God’s will and yield at the cross of Christ their unholy wills, becoming partakers of that happy, glorious life which He so freely gives- ' T. C.H. SENSE VERSUS SENTIMENT This is a superficial age when there is grave danger of our losing our balance. We are d riftin g from our moorings. The Word of God gives us our precepts and our examples. We are tau g h t in the Word th a t we should love all men. No man should be beyond the reach of the love of our hearts, and this love should be manifested in our relation to him by our lives. B ut tru e love never thw arts justice. We should love our children and be w illing to suffer for them, b u t this demands th a t we should punish them when they are guilty of violation of law . V iolation of law demands righteous punishment. Love is not a sentim ent. I t is a principle, a principle unchanging \ w ith God, always exemplified by H im in H is Word. Punishment should not be inflicted in anger b u t in tears, though it should be inflicted a fte r G od’s own p attern . God’s love is a principle shown in H is grace, H is mercy, H is long-suffering. H is anger is shown in H is severity. He is angry w ith th e wicked, .b u t it is a righteous anger, a holy anger. God hates sin, and exemplified H is hatred of it by pouring out H is w rath on H is own Son. B ut H is love is also m anifested in the sacrificial g ift of H is Son. Our country is suffering intensely today by reason of lax ity both in the enforcement of law and in the punishment of lawbreakers. Ju stice is a joke w ith the law-violators. One excuse given fo r the failure to impose ju st sentences fo r violation of law is th a t the jails and penitentiaries are overcrowded, and it is impossible to accommodate the criminals. I f penalties were adequately adm inistered, th is would pu t fe a r into the hearts of men, and sentim ent would give place to common sense. Sentim ent breeds weak effeminate characters. We are charged sometimes w ith being too severe in our editorials, in our position towards the enemies of the tru th . We are told th a t we Should be more loving toward them ; th a t we should tre a t them as brethren. There is much of th is which is purely sentim ent, and leads to a compromising spirit. We love all men. We love bandits, and w ith th is same love we love the deniers of the tru th , bu t we w ant to call men by th eir proper names. We do not call a man a brother, in th e ligh t of th e Word of God, who denies th e D eity and blood sacrifice of our Lord, and y e t who pretends to be H is disciple and draws his salary from a deceived people. We bid him no God-speed, any more th an we would the Devil, fo r we know th a t he is the D ev il’s instrum ent and th e worst kind of a deceiver, fo r he wears the royal robe, as the ambassador of Christ while serving Satan. ■ . * Trifling w ith tru th , smoothing down sin, p alliating false preaching, calling a Bible- bandit a brother, pussy-footing w ith perjured professors, is purely silly sentimentalism . I t evidences a lack of Bible sense. Worldly and ungodly men respect th e man who reproves and rebukes th eir sinful ways, fo r they have a conscience concerning th eir wrongs. And these false teachers have more respect for those of us who love the Lord and H is Word, and who make no compromise w ith them bu t condemn th eir unholy position. We propose to expose error, not to excuse it. We w ill continue to love these destructive critics w ith a godly love, b u t w ill not fa il to le t the lig h t shine in on th eir dark and dangerous teaching. We w ill pray fo r th em 'as enemies of th e tru th , b u t will n o t p articip ate in th eir pernicious teaching. We prefer to be sensible ra th er than

THE K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S 1073 sentim ental; to be loyal ra th er th an traito rs. We can shed real tears over th eir sinful doings, bu t we will also'seek to te a r away the mask behind which they hide and le t the ligh t of God’s Word illumine the devilish sophistry of th eir teaching. Those of us who love the Lord and H is unimpeachable Word ought to be willing to call a spade a spade and make no compromise w ith sentimentalism of any kind. T. C. H. THE VOICE OF VICTORY “ This is the victory th a t overeometh th e world, even our fa ith .’’ I Jno. 5:4. There is th e voice of the v ic to r’s shout in th is verse. V ictory is m anhood’s crown. God in the beginning gave man the.scepter, b u t he lost it through unbelief and Satan holds it, though man may regain it by fa ith in the. atoning .blood of Jesus Christ Who overcame S atan in the w ilderness tem ptation. F a ith knows no defeat. There is something exhilarating in th e word “ v icto ry .” The victor is the one-who gets th e b e tte r of his adversary. We all have an innate love of conquest, and love to place th e crown of laurel leaf upon the brow of him who has honorably won it. We adm ire deeds of daring. Stories of conquest are always the most popular, which is one of the reasons why the Bible stories have such a hold upon the minds and h earts of the young and old. N ote the order in which victory comes. F irst there is belief in the accomplishment of an undertaking. N ext comes the conflict itself, the b attle w ith th e adversary. I t may be a b a ttle w ith adverse circumstances, w ith poverty, w ith physical disabilities, w ith competitions in business life or enemies of any character. Then comes the accom­ plishment of our desire. This is th e divine order also for spiritual success. F irst, belief in God. Belief in G od’s Word, in God’s love, in God’s purposes, in God’s power. Then the conflict, the fight of faith , the struggle against contending forces, sometimes th e long weary w ar w ith the odds all against us,—w ith testings, w ith false friends, w ith foes w ithin and w ithout. God tests all o f H is people. He perm its the tria l of faith . He allows th e impend­ ing fam ine to come. He perm its us to face th e w aters of a Bed Sea. He lets the enemy bulk as- big as Goliath. There are lio n ’s dens and fiery furnaces. There are pestilence and plagues, poverty and persecution. There are demons and diseases. There are hosts of hell, powers and principalities, wicked spirits in th e heavenlies. The Pharisees and Sadducees outnumber us. The prison door swings open and th e odor of th e damp eell greets us. There is th e laugh of S atan and th e h ate of demons, b u t the eye of the w arrior is upon his Captain. I t is a good fight, is the fight of faith . Conflict is the heritage of th e saint from the hour of conversion to the hour of dissolution. We fight a w inning fight, we are sure of success. Against us are unnumbered foes—nature, tendencies, environment, th e world, th e flesh and th e devil—b u t He th a t is for us is more th an they all. A rray yourself in th e armor, unsheath the sword, follow your Leader, on to victory. Hie if need be, b u t w ith your face to th e enemy and your voice v ib ran t w ith the heavenly note. Thanks be unto God which giveth us th e victory through .ou r Lord Jésus Christ. ■ ' . T. C .H . SUS . A MANLY MAN We can honor a man who has the courage of his honest convictions, although we may sorrow over his blindness to the tru th . The P resbyterian of Philadelphia says: i ‘Rev. H. W. Gesner, who has been th e pastor of th e F irst P resbyterian Church of a »


THE K I N G ’ S B U S I N E S S E aston, Pennsylvania, for the last seven years, has resigned and has joined the U nitarians. He has done th is for th e sole reason th a t he has reached the conclusion th a t his change in. belief is such th a t it is no longer proper for him to occupy an evangelical p u lp it.” This is fine of th is man. We commend his attitu d e and action to a host of dishonest pulpiteers in th is country who are violating th eir m inisterial vows by hanging on to a clergyman s job for th e money there is .in it when they no longer believe in the inspira- ,tion of God’s Word and are not in sympathy w ith the doctrines of th eir denomination. Gentlemen, if we are not m istaken in addressing you w ith such a princely name, give up your job; give place to a true man of God; follow the example of this manly man; associate yourselves w ith those who deny the virgin b irth of our Lord Jesus Christ. B irds of a feath er should flock together—even if they be blackbirds. ' T. C. H. THANKSGIVING—A BAROMETER Dr. W / H. Griffith Thomas has called atten tio n to the fa c t th a t the history of “ p raise” is contained in six well known words. They are all associated etymologically and when placed in order, tell th eir own story; These six words are (1) “ price,” (2) “ appraise,” (3) “ appreciate,” (4) “ prize,” (5) “ precious,” (6) “ p raise.” P raise is the expression of appreciation, the result of prizing. Thanksgiving is simply the result of our appreciation of God and th e blessings He has given us. There can befno real thanksgiving unless there is right relation to God. The b e tte r we know Him and the more we appreciate H is Son Jesus Christ, the more real thanksgiving there, will be in our lives. The measure of one will be the measure of th e other. Hence, the more thanksgiving there is in the life, th e more clearly may our friends see th a t we know God and find our real satisfaction in Christ. Thanksgiving is therefore the barom eter of our, spiritual condition. I t is the answer to the question, “ W hat does God mean to me now ?“ I f we are really in touch w ith God, Thanksgiving will not be a once-a-year affair bu t an every-day practice. Ju st how much of the thanksgiving sp irit is there in your life? Look a t this barom eter often. Perhaps a t this Thanksgiving season it w ill be helpful to mention some of the things which the Scriptures themselves suggest as special objects for thanksgiving: 1. We should be th an k fu l for His Word, Ps. 56:4,10. 2. For H is wonderful works, Ps. 107:8,15, 21, 31. 3. For all blessings and benefits, Ps. 103:1-6; 68:19. 4. For the g ift of H is Son, I I Cor. 9:15; Luke 2:28,38. .5. For our bodies, Ps. 139 ;14. 6. For our food, I Tim. 4 :3 ,4 ; Acts 27:35. 7. For answered prayer, Ps. 118:21; Jn . 11:41, 8. For comfort in sorrow, Ps. 30:11,12; I I Cor. 1:3,4. 9. For deliverance from dangers, Ps. 18:48-50. 1Ó. For victory through Christ, Bom. 7:25; I Cor. 15:57; I I Cor. 2:14. 11. For making us fit to be p artak ers of the inheritance of the saints, Col. 1:12; I P et. 1:4. . 12. For a living hope, I P et. 1:3.

13. For the salvation of sinners, Bom. 6:17,18. 14. For th e privilege o f service, I Tim. 1:12. 15. For th e fellowship of Christ, A cts 28:15. 16. For everything we have, Eph. 5:20; I Thess. 5:18; Phil. 4:6.

K . L. B.



A GOOD “SIGN” “ Signs of the Tim es,” a Seventh Day A dventist paper, contains an endorsement of the movement fo r Christian Fundamentals, w ith the following exceptions taken: ‘‘As fa r as the doctrinal statem ent of the Fundam entalists is concerned, the de­ nom ination heartily1 endorses every point except the idea of conscious punishment of th e lost, the restoration of the Jew s to Palestine and th a t the law and the seventh day Sabbath are no p a rt of the C hristian dispensation. Aside from th e teaching of these few erroneous points, the Fundam entalists are doing a great work for God in th e e a rth .” W hat does this admission indicate? A re th e A dventists gradually slipping away from th e teachings of th eir so-called prophetess, Mrs. Ellen White, whose divine au­ tho rity has so long been acknowledged by them? I f these few points mentioned are the only points of difference, then certainly the Adventists must have repudiated th e great bulk of Mrs. W h ite ’s interpretations. We hope th is is not merely a trap. Mrs. White, as a young woman, was a nervous and excitable character. A t seven­ teen she began to have visions and claimed she was caught up to heaven. These visions were comm itted to w riting and for these w ritings she claimed inspiration even as the Bible is inspired. I t is a well known fa c t th a t these w ritings were altered again and again, and in view of th is fa c t and th e fa c t th a t so many of her predictions have been proven false, it is astonishing th a t there should be anyone le ft who would p u t any faith iij her “ divine insp iration .” H er teachings on the Sabbath question and prophetic m atters are minor in com­ parison w ith other errors. For instance, she tau g h t th a t S atan would bear th e sins of the world into oblivion where he would be annihilated w ith them still on him. She tau g h t th a t the blood of Christ did not cancel the sins o f those receiving Him as sub­ stitu te, b u t th a t receiving Him was merely the expression of a desire for pardon and th a t our sins must finally be borne by Satan, the author of sin. She tau g h t th a t to worship on the L o rd ’s Day instead of the Jew ish Sabbath meant sure damnation and th a t only 144,000 are to be saved, these being all Seventh Day Adventists. All other churches she characterized as “ B abylon.” These are v ita l m atters, b u t th e editorial statem ent above shows a different a tti­ tude and even acknowledges th a t those who are contending for the old Gospel are doing a great work for God in the world. May we not tru st th a t in time the Adventists will also come to see th e ir error in worshiping on Saturday, the day when C h rist’s body lay dead in the tomb, when the disciples were filled w ith restlessness and gloom, when th e Jew s were mocking God w ith th eir sacrifices, when S atan and his imps rejoiced, believing they had the Saviour under the power of death, when creation was under doom, and when friends mourned even more deeply th an on the crucifixion day itself ? * K. B. B. “HOUSE TO LET” W e a re h e a rin g on ev ery h a n d th e c a ll to “ th e relig io n of th e open m in d .” T h is p o p u lar id ea does n o t m ean a m ind open to th e lead in g s of th e H oly S p irit o r illum in a tio n in th e W o rd of God, b u t a m ind re a d y to ta k e in ev ery sugg es­ tio n of m a te ria listic th in k e rs fo r d iv esting th e B ible of its so-called “ d isfiguring en cum b ran ces.” A P re sb y te ria n m o d e ra to r, fo r in stan ce, says, “ T heology m u st no lo n g er be a closed system bu ilt upon & priori assumptions. I t must be constructed of know l­ edge received th ro u g h experience. T heology is in 1th e crucible of h isto ry .” In his call fo r freedom of th o u g h t, th is m o d e ra to r d em ands th a t th e a u th o rity



of th e L o rd Je su s C h rist be rep laced by th e “ su b jectiv e consciousness of th e h um a n h e a rt.” A n o th er w rite r says, “W e m u st in c u lc a te in d e p e n d e n t search fo r tr u th in th e lig h t of h um an reason . W e shou ld accep t ijiothing th a t does n o t, a t th e tim e, app eal to th e re a so n of th e se e k e r.” In p la in w ords, th e d em and is fo r a com plete re le a se from th e a u th o rity of Je su s C h rist a n d th e B ible. T h e n a tu ra l m an h a s alw ays p re fe rre d th e “ open m ind ” in place o f “ th e m ind of C h rist.” Such a ttem p ts in e v ita b ly end in th e b rin g in g fo rth of som e new god fo r th e a d o ra tio n of m en. T he gods of E ddyism , and th e lik e, h av e come from th is source, a n d we need n o t be su rp rise d a n y day, if a golden calf is se t up a t th e Chicago U n iv ersity . • Much h as re c e n tly b een said ab o u t m en being free to believe an d teac h w h a t th ey th in k to be th e tru th . T his rig h t is denied to no m an. E v ery te a c h e r h as p e rfe c t lib e rty to believe a n d teac h as h e likes. B u t th e re is a difference b etw een p erso n al lib e rty a n d B a p tist lib e rty a n d P re sb y te ria n lib e rty and M etho­ d ist lib erty . In th e U n ited S tates we h av e lib e rty , b u t lib e rty is p ro p e rly lim ited by law . T each ers in th e B ible In s titu te of Los A ngeles a re free m en b u t th e ir lib e rty is lim ited by th e s ta tem e n t of d o ctrin e on w hich th e In s titu te is found ed , and th e m om en t one b eg in s to d eny th o se fu n d am e n ta ls w hich he h as p ledged h im ­ self to d efend , h e is a t lib e rty to seek em ploym ent elsew here. L ib e rty to te a c h B o lsh ev ist d o ctrin e does n o t p ro p e rly belong to one who h as sw orn alleg ian ce to th e Am erican flag, n o r does lib e rty to deny th e fa ith rig h t­ fu lly belong to one who h a s come b efo re th e ch u rch acknow ledging subm ission to th e a u th o rity of th e S uprem e T eacher. W hy w ill n o t m en be satisfied w ith th a t lib e rty of life w hich comes alone th ro u g h Je su s C h rist? I t w as H e who said, “Ye sh a ll know th e tr u th an d th e tr u th sh a ll m a k e you fre e ,” a n d ag ain , “T hy w o rd is tr u th .” “ One is you r te a c h e r, even C h rist.” (M att. 2 3 :8 ) K. L. B. | I feel greatly'indebted to many readers of the King’s Busi- | ness for their forbearing spirit manifested in their reading my § editorials and scanning my notes on the Sunday School lesson. . | | We are coming to the end of the year, and I am anxious to settle all of my accounts. I know of only one way in which this obliga- I tion can be met; you will have to pay th& bill. I want to make | it as easy as possible for you. Here it is: | Secure some other people to share this treat with you. Lay aside a few dollars now for a Christmas gift, send me the I money and I will see .that some missionary or pastor or Christian 1 | worker receives the King’s Business for 1922. Now, please, don’t put this off.' You may not live until Christmas, and you might be sorry all through eternity. Just | for this cause $5.00 will secure six King’s Business subscriptions,^ | and $10.00 will secure twelve. Isn’t this kind of me ? jjllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llililllllll|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||ill!|||||H j ©if? lEiittar0 Ajralogg |

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There are 850 Old Testam ent quotations in the New Testament. Christ H imself in th e Gospels quotes from 22 out of the 39 books. I t is said th a t there are in thé Old Tes­ tam ent 198 definite prophecies concerning C h rist’s first coming, and 333 th a t center indirectly in Him. M atthew w rites for Jew s; M ark for Bo- mans; Luke for Gentile converts, and John for all believers. The resurrection of Christ is mentioned 108 times in the New Testament. Note th e seven beginnings in Genesis and the seven endings in Revelation. U ni­ verse, human race, sin, redemption, n a­ tions, Israel, lives of faith . The first person tran slated was Enoch. He was the seventh from Adam and God made the seventh the trophy of H is power over death. M ight we say th a t th e first lodge was called “ The Shinar Association for the E xaltation of the Human N am e” ? Gen. 11. The first Epistle of John is called th e book of “ know s.” The word occurs forty times. Who was th e first 'g ra fte r? Perhaps I I K ings 5:20 will suggest. You will find the “ key of the m orning” in Psa. 5:3. The same key should be used a t night also. (Psa. 4:8.) When tem ptations are fierce, make haste to the “ safety zone.” (Psa.. 18:2.) The worst kind of “ heart tro u b le”’ is th a t mentioned in Isa. 57:21. Its cure is revealed in Jno. 14:21. Perhaps the .first recorded young m en’s prayer meeting is th a t mentioned in Dan. 2:17-18. Contrast the eight “ woes” of Christ (M att. 23) w ith th e eight “ blesseds” in M att. 5.

NOTE. In spite of the fa c t th a t many have expressed th eir approval of “ Sentence Sermons” used on this page, we are led to substitute in th eir plaee ‘‘Bible B riefs ’’ as being more definitely along the lines of Bible study. We purpose to furnish the student monthly a page of valuable m ate­ rial for m arginal notes. Get th e Bible marking h ab it and tran sfer the notes from th is page each month into your study Bible. —K . L. B. There are 365 “ fear n o ts” in the Bible, or one for every day in the year. The Old Testam ent deals w ith Law and ends w ith a curse. (Mai. 4:6.) The New Testam ent deals w ith grace and ends w ith a blessing. (Rev. 22:21.) Christ is not recorded in the Gospels as having quoted from th e books of Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah, Song of Solomon or Oba- diah. None of these books have been un­ der the fire of higher critics. The only ones th a t are disputed are those which Christ H imself endorsed. The Bible begins w ith God and ends w ith jnan. In the middle verse of the Bible (Psa. 118:8) the two are brought together. Psa. 119:11 suggests one way to carry the Bible. A re there some things in the Bible you do not understand? Best a while on Deut. 29:29. Note th e th ree sentinels th a t are placed to guard the Scriptures: one in th e begin­ ning, one in th e middle and one a t the end: Deut. 4:2, Prov. 30:6, Bev. 22:18-19.

Tneir Value as a Stimulus to Faith. A n Ancient Baptist Creed Reproduced. Where Do Tou Stand?

H HE RECENT “ F undam entals” movements have inspired lead­ ers in several denominations to insist upon the adoption of def­ inite Biblical creeds, in order to define clearly the standing of those leaders who in the past few years have, through the pulpits, denied- all those basic doetrines for which evangelical churches have stood through th e years. N aturally a g reat cry has arisen against the formation qf statem ents of doctrine and it is alleged th a t an attem pt is being made to destroy lib erty of thought. Chi­ cago U niversity professors especially have been m aking great ado over the demand th a t th e B aptist denomination should de­ fine its beliefs. I t has been charged th a t the denomination has never laid down such a statem ent and th a t in these days of democracy all believers should be given all the latitu d e they m ight require. As a result of these protests against doctrinal standards, some very ancient creeds of th e B ap tist denomination have, been produced. The oldest of these is the “ Schleitheim Confession” formulated in 1527. The “ Philadelphia Confession” p atterned a fte r th e great historic docu­ ment known as th e “ W estm inster Con­ fession” bears th e date of 1642. Another is the “ New Hampshire Confession” (about 1742). These creeds ring true to 4 the great fundam ental teachings of the Bible and are well worth reviewing. The President of Kalamazoo College has now sent to The K in g ’s Business a copy of another aneient B ap tist creed th a t has probably not come to th e attention of many people. P resident Stetson says of it:— “ Several years ago there was sent to

Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan, for safe keeping, by Mr. J . T. Daniells of St. Johns, Michigan, a very interesting document which purports to be a B aptist Confession of F aith. “ In reply to a recent le tte r of inquiry, Mr. Daniells w rites concerning th is early statem ent of B ap tist belief, as follows: “ ‘When my w ife ’s grandfather, Samuel Abbott, was about to em igrate from Ver­ mont to the wilds of Cayuga County, N. Y., he asked the publishers fo r a copy of the A rticles of F aith of B aptist Churches, the same having ju st been adopted. The publishers replied, saying th a t as the A r­ ticles were not y et printed, .they would send him th e original d raft of same, and twenty-five or more years a fte r Samuel A b b o tt’s (my w ife ’s grandfather) death, the said Document was found in the pocket of a vest of Samuel A b b o tt’s th a t had been carefully preserved.’ ‘‘This Confession has no date and no name attached to it, nor is it possible to tell when, where, and by w hat religious body it was adopted. I t is w ritten on th e back of a copy of a thanksgiving proc­ lam ation by Governor Hancock, which bears th e date of 1788. I t is now pre­ served between two plates of glass and is kept in the vau lt of the College. “ The Confession is prefaced by a fra ­ tern al le tte r to the B aptist association of Vermont. “ The confession is given as w r it te n - spelling, punctuation, capitals and phras­ in g .” So true to Scripture are the sta te ­ ments of the Confession th a t we believe it will be. helpful to all to review them. We believe th a t th e v ast m ajority of the lay members of the B ap tist Church still adhere to these fundamentals, and we ree-



enter into the Kingdom of God. In this change they receive a god-like temper and' disposition of mind, by which they be­ come th e children and heirs of God. This renovation of heart, th e S pirit of God effects th ru the instrum entality of the- preaehed Gospel begetting them by the word of tru th . 7. T h at the justification of the chil­ dren of God, is exclusively, by the R ight­ eousness of Christ, imputed to them, and apprehended by th a t faith , which they re­ ceive by hearing the word of God; even th a t Righteousness of his, which h e . brought in b y his obedience to th e Law, in dying as an atoning Sacrifice, to answer its righteous penalty. And, by v irtu e of th is atonement, he has ordered' his Gospel of salvation to be preached to every crea­ tu re; and has promised th a t all who be­ lieve shall be i saved. 8. A ll those who are the children of God by fa ith in the Lord Jesus Christ be­ ing bom of his Sp irit w ill persevere in the way of Holiness and well doing, from one degree of grace to another, th ru life; a t Death be made p erfect in Christ Jesus, and a t la st be glorified in heaven. This w ill be effected by th e Sp irit and power of Christ. 9. A New Testam ent church is different from th e old testam ent or Jew ish church which was N ational,- and consisted of the n atu ral seed of Abraham (both parents and th eir children) w hether believers or unbelievers; bu t a Gospel church is con- 'gregational, and only of th e members of Christ, or spiritual seed of Abraham ; con­ sisting of a number of people called out from the love and fellowship of th e un­ godly world by th e S pirit of God, and mutually covenanted together to keep up and .promote the public worship of God, to w alk in his ordinances and institutions, and to execute the Laws and Discipline of H is House. As a Gospel church is thus a body in ­ corporate she has full power and law ful authority to govern herself by the word of God, which is h er only Charter and Con­ stitution, therefore, she is independent,

ommend to fa ith fu l pastors th a t sim ilar definitions be adopted by th e individual churches. ' T h e C reed 1. The Scriptures of th e Old and New Testaments are the word of God, being given by divine inspiration, and are th ere­ fore, the only Rule of F aith and practice. 2. There is one and b u t one God, the F ather, Son and Holy Ghost. 3. Before th e creation of th e world, God, did of his own free grace,- elect in Christ, a certain number of -that human race th a t he was determ ined to bring into existence, to grace and good works in time and to glory in etern ity and put them into the hand and made them the care and charge of Christ. 4. God created th e first man, Adam, male and female, in his own image and likeness, an upright, holy, intelligent crea­ tu re; a subject of his Moral Government; capable of keeping th e Law he gave him. But he did not continue in th a t state of Rectitude bu t voluntarily transgressed the Law of his Creation, by eating the fo r­ bidden fru it. And all his offspring sinned in him and fell w ith him, in this, his first transgression—and descending from him by ordinary generation, have all derived a nature which is wholly sinful and de­ praved; and on this account both he and all-his posterity are justly under the con­ demnation of the divine law ; and exposed to endless m isery; from all which there can be no deliverance, b u t by Christ, the Second Adam. 5. T h at th e same Jesus Christ, was set up from everlasting as the M ediator of th e everlasting Covenant of grace and be­ came the security of his people; and did, in the fulness of time, assume human na­ ture, in which natu re he really suffered death for transgressors, the ju st for the unjust, th a t he m ight bring believing sin­ ners to God. And has also, thereby made way fo r all those blessings of Grace and glory to flow to them which were given to them in him, before the world began. 6. I t is essentially necessary th a t sinners are born of the Spirit of God, in order to


1080 and has th e exclusive E ight to judge of her own members, elect her own officers, such as Bishop or pastor, (which are syn­ onymous) and Deacons, and to determine concerning th e g ifts of the several mem­ bers of the body, approbating and encour­ aging those whom they judge will be for public usefulness; bu t not to countenance or suffer any one to "speak or teach in the church, forbidden of God. 10. By th e change of the D ispensation the Sabbath is the first day of the week; and ought to be sanctified and observed as holy time in it, no work or employ­ ment, merely of a worldly nature, should be done; b u t ought to be spent in the private and public services of Religious Worship. 11. Baptism is an ordinance of Christ, and is to be performed . . . . in th e Name of the F a th e r and of th e Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and is a figure or Representa­ tion of the burial and Resurrection of Christ; and they and those only who be­ lieve in Christ and make a S criptural pro­ fession of th eir F aith , ought to be bap ­ tized, by a Regular, ordained baptized m in­ ister of the Gospel, and by no other. 12. The L o rd ’s Supper is an In stitu ted O rdinance of Christ, as a figure or emblem of his body being broken and his blood being shed for the sins of his people; and is to be continued in his church till his second Coming. 13. I t is the duty of those who are qualified and called of God to preach the Gospel and adm inister the ordinances thereof; to give themselves wholly to the work, as fa r as providence opens the door; therefore it is equally required of all those who are tau g h t to communicate freely an equal proportion of th eir worldly substance according as the Lord shall pros­ per them, to support and m aintain—him th a t teaeheth; and for the defraying all other charges and necessary expenses th a t the church may be at, for the promotion of th e Gospel and Religion of Christ. ' 14. I t is th e duty of all male heads of fam ilies daily to read the Word of God to and pray w ith those under th eir care,

train ing them up in the nurture and ad­ monition of the Lord. 15. I t is contrary to the word of God, for one brother to sue another brother of th e same church to th e civil Law, while he is continued in fellowship. 16. There w ill be Resurrections of the dead, both of th e ju s t and un ju st; and Christ will come a second time, to tak e vengeance on the wicked, and rew ard the faithful. B E THANKFUL ANYWAY “ Thankful? . W hat have I to be th an k ­ ful for? I c a n ’t pay my b ills.” “ Then, man alive, be th ank fu l you are not one of your creditors. ’’ afc as THANKSGIVING Oh! give thanks for the summer and w inter, Give thanks fo r the sunshine and rain, For the flowers, the fru its and the grasses ' And the bountiful harvest of grain. For the winds th a t sweep over our prairies D istributing vigor and health— Oh! give thanks to our Heavenly F ath er 1 For n a tu re ’s abundance of wealth. Oh! give thanks fo r loved friends and relations, For sweet converse w ith those th a t are dear; Give thanks for our coun try ’s salvation From fam ine and w ar the past year; That, while kingdoms and empires have fallen Our government firmly has stood— Oh! give thanks to our H eavenly F ath er For all this abundance of good. Give thanks fo r each law ful ambition T hat gives a new impulse to do, Give thanks for eaeh fond hope’s fruition, And all of God’s goodness to you, Forget not whence cometh the power T hat all of these blessings secures— Oh! give thanks to our Heavenly Father, Whose mercy forever endures.

Galatian Errors Three Ancient Errors Refuted Lr) Paul, That are Still Rampant in the Church By THE LATE DR. C. I. SCOFIELD

the Epistle to th e Galatians e Holy Sp irit through Paul eets and answers the three eat errors into which, in differ­

of Jesus C h rist” (Gal. 2:15, 16), have be­ lieved; “ for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.” 2. The law has executed its sentence upon the believer (Gal. 2:19); death has freed him. Identified w ith C h rist’s death by faith , he, in the reckoning of God, died w ith Christ (Rom. 6:3-10; 7:4). 3. B ut righteousness is by faith , not by law (Gal. 2:21). 4. The Holy S pirit is given to faith , not law-works (Gal. 3:1-9). 5. “ As many as are of the works of th e law are under th e curse” —and the reason is given: “ Cursed is everyone th a t continueth not in all things which are w ritten in th e book of the law to do th em ” (Gal. 3:10). The law, then, cannot “ h elp ,” bu t can only do its g reat and necessary work of condemnation (Rom. 3:19, 20; 2 Cor. 3:7, 9; Gal. 3:19; James 2 : 10 ). Elsewhere (Rom. 5:1-5) th e Spirit, by th e same Apostle, sums up the results of justification by fa ith w ith every semblance of human m erit carefully excluded. Grace, through fa ith in Jesus Christ, has brought the believer into peace w ith God, a stand­ ing in grace, and assured hope of glory. Tribulation can bu t serve to .develop in him new graces. The very love th a t saved him through grace now fills his h e a rt; the Holy Sp irit is given him, and he joys in God. And all by grace, through fa ith I The Second E rror The Spirit next meets and refutes the second great error concerning the rela­ tions of law and grace—th e notion th a t th e believer, though assuredly justified by fa ith through graee wholly w ithout law- works, is, a fte r justification, put under law as a rule of life. This is the current form of the Galatian

ent degrees; theological systems have fallen. The course of th is demonstration is like th e resistless march of an armed host. N othing can stand before it. The reason­ ings of ancient and modern legalists are scattered like the chaff of th e summer threshing floor. We have, most of us, been reared and now live under th e influence of Galatian- ism. P ro te sta n t theology, alas, is fo r the most p art, thoroughly Galatianized, in th a t n either law nor grace are given th eir dis­ tin c t and separated places, as in th e coun­ sels of God, bu t are mingled together in one incoherent system. The law is no longer, as in the D ivine in ten t, a m inistra­ tion of death (2 Cor. 3:7), of eursing (Gal. 3:10), of conviction (Rom. 3:19), because we are tau g h t th a t we must try to keep it, and th a t by D ivine help we may. Nor, on th e other hand, does grace bring us blessed deliverance from the dominion of sin, fo r we are kept under the law as a rule of life despite th e plain declaration, “ Sin shall no t have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, bu t under g race” (Rom. 6:14). The F irst E rror The S p irit first meets the contention th a t justification is p artly by law-works and p artly by fa ith through grace (Gal. 2:5 to 3:24). The steps are: 1. Even the Jews, who are not like the Gentiles, hopeless, “ and w ithout God in the w o rld ” ' (Eph. 2:12), bu t already in covenant relations w ith God, even they, ‘ ‘know ing th a t a man is not justified by the works of the law, b u t by the faith



an executed criminal. Ju stice has been completely vindicated, and it is no longer possible even to bring an accusation against him (Rom. 8:33,34). I t is not possible to know Gospel liberty, or Gospel holiness, un til this g reat funda­ m ental tru th is elearly, bravely grasped. One may be a Christian and a worthy and useful man, and be still under bondage to the law , b u t one can never have deliver­ ance from the dominion of sin, nor know the true blessedness and rest of the Gospel and rem ain under th e law. Therefore, once more, note th a t it is death which has broken th e connection between th e be­ liever and the law. “ The law h ath do­ minion over a man as long as he liv e th ” (Rom. 7:1). “ B ut now we are delivered from the law, th a t being dead wherein we were h eld ” (Rom. 7:6). Nothing can be clearer. B ut I h asten to add th a t there is- a mere carnal and fleshly way of looking a t our deliverance from the law, which is most unscriptural, and I am persuaded, most dishonoring to God. I t consists in rejoic­ ing in a supposed deliverance from the principle of Divine authority over the life —a deliverance into mere self-will and lawlessness. The true ground of rejoicing is quite other th an this. The tru th is, a Christian may get on afte r a sort under law as a rule of life. Not apprehending th a t the law is anything more th an an ideal, he feels a kind of pious complacency in “ con­ senting unto th e law th a t it is good,” and more or less languidly hoping th a t in the fu tu re he may succeed b etter in keeping it th an in the past. So treated, the law is wholly robbed of its terror. Like a sword carefully fastened in its scabbard, the law no longer cuts into the conscience. I t is forgotten th a t the law offers absolutely b u t two alternatives — exact obedience, always, in all things, or a curse. There is no th ird choice. “ Cursed is every one th a t continueth not in all things which are w ritten in the book of the law to do th em ” (Gal. 3:10; Jam es 2:10). The law has but one voice: “ W hat things soever the law

error. From L uther down, Protestantism has consistently held to justification by fa ith through grace. Most inconsistently P ro testan t theology has held to th e second form of Galatianism. An entire section of the Epistle to the Romans and two chapters of G alatians are devoted to the refu tation s of th is error, and to th e setting fo rth of the true rule of th e believer’s life. Romans 6, 7, 8, And G alatians 4 and 5 set fo rth the new Gos­ pel of the believ er’s standing in grace. Rom. 6:14 states the new principle: “ For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law , bu t under g race.” The Apostle is not here speak­ ing of the justification of a sinner, bu t of th e deliverance of a saint from th e do­ m inion of indwelling sin. In Galatians, a fte r showing th a t the law had been to the Jew like the pedagogue in a Greek or Roman household, a ruler of children in th eir nonage (Gal. 3:23, 24) the Apostle says explicitly (ver. 25), “ But a fte r th a t fa ith has come, we are no longer under a s.choolmaster” (peda­ gogue). No evasion is possible here. The peda­ gogue is th e law (3:24); fa ith justifies; bu t th e fa ith which justifies also ends the rule of th e pedagogue. Modern theology says th a t after, justification we are under the pedagogue. H ere is a clear issue, an absolute contradiction between the Word of God and theology. Which do you side w ith t Equally fu tile is the' timorous gloss th a t this whole profound discussion in Romans and Galatians relates to the ceremonial law. No Gentile could observe the cere­ monial law . Even the Jews, since the de­ struction of th e temple, A. D. 70, have not found it possible to keep the ceremonial law except in a few particulars of diet. I t is not the ceremonial law which says, “ Thou shalt not cov et” (comp. Rom. 7:7-9). _ The believer is separated by death and resurrection from Mosaism (Rom. 6:3-15; 7:1-6; Gal. 4:19-31). The fa c t remains immutable th a t to God he is; as to the law,

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