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It’s the time of year when high schoolers experience the closing of one door and the opening of another. Graduation season is often an exciting time for a senior, but it can also be bittersweet. Classmates will be separating as they go off to different colleges, and the reality is that many of themwill not see each other again for a long time, if at all. This is one of the reasons so many graduating seniors want to throw a party. It’s a celebration of completing high school, but it’s also a chance to see everyone before they go off on their own. My experience was a little different. I grew up and attended school in a small town, so I’m lucky enough to be in contact with the same people I was friends with during my high school years. But I know that it’s not that way for many people. Whether you’re from a tiny town or a sprawling city, I’m sure there is one thing we can all agree about: Getting together for one last hurrah can help us remember the good times. The entire graduation ceremony and the parties that follow are much more organized now than when I graduated high school. Today, most schools offer senior send-offs with activities for the entire graduating class to attend. A lot of time and effort is put into these events, and the schools make sure their students are taken care of and have an enjoyable time before they head off to the next phase of life. When I graduated, we had to put together our own parties or get-togethers if we wanted to celebrate. Even at-home graduation parties have gone through a big transformation since the time when my colleagues and I graduated. A typical graduation party was usually at someone’s house or in their backyard. We’d have food, but that would just include some drinks, chips, salads, and maybe sandwiches for everyone to enjoy. The spread was usually displayed on a couple of tables covered in plastic tablecloths, including plastic cups in our schools’ colors. How Graduation Celebrations Differ Different Approach, Same Memories

prepare for these types of graduation celebrations. Through my work and while attending some of my family members’ graduation parties, I can see howmuch the festivities have changed over the years. Instead of serving sandwiches and chips, some of these celebrations are catered under large tents with full buffets on tables covered in real linens. They’ve certainly evolved into events that someone won’t easily forget, and I’m proud that G & K Event Rentals can help make that happen. Having thrown our own graduation parties and experienced many celebrations through our business, my team and I know howmuch effort goes into them. For us, it’s about more than simply supplying our clients with the items they need for the party. When we sit down with our clients for the first time, we make sure to go over what type of party they want to throw, the items they might need, and how many people they’re expecting. From there, we prepare everything for them, such as tents, tables, chairs, catering, games, decorations, and anything else they might need. We know how important these celebrations are, and we can help in all aspects of putting together a memorable graduation party. For all of those graduating this year, we want to extend our congratulations! We wish you the best of luck on this new journey of life.

Today, these parties have become a lot bigger and more elaborate. My team and I have helped many of our clients

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