North County Water & Sports Therapy Center - September 2020

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Emily joined our staff at the end of July as our newest physical therapist, and our patients are already loving her! After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from San Diego State University in 2016, Emily went on to earn her doctorate of physical therapy with honors from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Institute of Health Professions in 2019.

reality at the INSPIRE Lab, an adjunct to the Harvard Medical School. She’s also a certified personal trainer who specializes in virtual platforms, making her a welcome addition to our team (which continues to utilize telehealth). “I believe in a patient-centered approach to care, and that’s what drew me to North County,” Emily says. “It’s evident from the moment you walk through these doors or meet via video that this team is dedicated to giving every patient the time and attention they deserve. They put people first.” Emily was drawn to physical therapy because of her love of creative problem-solving. “Every person is different, which means every treatment is different. Physical therapy is all about finding or creating a solution that fits each person’s unique needs, and that’s the kind of thinking I like,” she says. “Virtual visits have presented a whole new challenge to our field, too, but it’s one that I’m excited to work on together with our patients.”

Emily originally hails from Northern California and has spent time living in Boston, but she feels most at-home in San Diego. She loves exploring our city’s restaurant scene and stays active with wakeboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. But about a year ago, her new favorite hobby became her dog. “Roxie is a 3-year-old golden retriever I adopted from a family that could no longer care for her,” Emily says. “She’s great at hiking and is ball-obsessed. She’ll play fetch for hours if I let her. She’s surprisingly not much of a swimmer for a retriever, but we’re working on it.” If Emily brings the same dedication to working with Roxie as she does to her patients, then we’re sure she’ll have her swimming in no time.

While completing her graduate studies, Emily assisted in research on gait analysis and virtual

Welcome to the team, Emily! 2

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