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MAY 2019


One of the most intriguing parts of spring is the abundance of new life, especially as buds start to blossom and baby animals are welcomed into this world. Those who follow the Word know that new life takes on a larger meaning than anything that is tangible here on Earth. For my family and me, spring is a reminder that we are afforded a new life after death and that we must commit our lives to God. life he gave us, my family has also been busy cultivating our garden. Since March, we’ve had our peas, potatoes, and lettuce in the ground, and we’ve been busily caring for our crops and preparing the ground for more seeds. My wife, Bethany, has been working outside since it was still relatively chilly because she knows there isn’t much time to waste once the snow starts to melt. (In fact, peas love the cool ground.) Bethany enjoys spending the day in our garden, investing her time and energy into our family’s crops. Together, Bethany and I want to pass on the green thumb to our children. Whether or not you save money is hardly the point of measure with gardening. Instead, it’s about giving your children something worthwhile This spring, as we remember the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus and the new

and interactive exhibits about the heavens and nature. Weather permitting, organizers at this event will have a telescope set up with various filters to safely view the sun, and there will also be presentations on photography and the most recent eclipses. Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing from Kevin Shank, the editor of the magazine Nature Friend, and author Morris Yoder. Yoder is a particularly interesting chap whose book, “The Celestial Message,” explains how stargazing led him back to his heavenly Father. After losing his dad at a young age, Yoder, now a married family man who raises chickens, has a story that Bethany, our children, and I can all relate to. The heavens have a difficult but powerful connection for us, too. Springtime is busy for us, as we spend more days and evenings in the yard. I’m looking forward to the harvest we can produce in our garden this summer while continuing to teach our children about hard work, faithfulness to God, and the beauty of the nature He created. –Ethan Zimmerman

to do, as they are taught the value of hard work and performing jobs that are less than glamorous. They learn to care about another living thing by pulling weeds, cultivating crops, and adhering to the discipline of gardening. In addition, they are taught about fresh, healthy eating, gathering food from a trustworthy source, and the satisfaction of their hard work producing a tangible item. This adds to the savings and health benefits of planting and harvesting a garden. As frequent readers of this newsletter might have been able to tell, my family enjoys what the Creator has crafted, and this summer, we will take a trip to celebrate it. Our family will attend the seminar Amazing Creation, which will feature speakers, presentations,

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