Board Converting News, March 14, 2022

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D’Angelo : With respect to the Great Resignation and the Great Retirement, are there tools to deal with these two very different labor challenges? Stoler : We’re trying very hard to make our environment “sticky,” that is, what we’re doing to keep our people en- gaged. How do we provide them with mentors and friends so they are don’t feel abandoned when they first show up? How do we help show them that this is a safe environment in which to work and enjoy themselves? For those employ- ees who are retiring, we are offering them a “slope” by asking them to work for a few more years but only, for ex- ample, 50 percent of the time. This helps us to transition their skills and their “tribal knowledge” to new individuals. We’ve found that there has been a willingness among our potential retirees to do this. D’Angelo : A big challenge for members has been com- munication between sales, customer service, design and production. Have recent challenges changed your ap- proach or the relationship between these departments? Nusslein : During Covid, we tried to have our people work remotely as much as possible, which was met with mixed success. Some employees told us that they were simply more effective in the office. We put in safety proto- cols in place when our remote employees began “migrat- ing” back to the office. We still offer our employees the option to work remotely. CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

on listening to them so that we truly understand their con- straints, whether on the job or on the home front. We’re also trying to get the right people in. We’ve had more temporary workers than ever before and we’re looking at them as if they are “auditioning” for a permanent position. If they show up every day and genuinely care about the job they are doing, then those are the kind of people we want to have working for us. We’re also being more flexi- ble with our employees, both salaried and hourly workers. Stoler : We want to get back to bringing the team to- gether. During the pandemic, we couldn’t get together for lunches, meetings or a team building event. At the

end of this month, we’re bringing in food trucks into our “cave environ- ment.” We’re also bringing recruiting in-house — we now have two full- time recruiters — to bring new team members in and to run hiring events. We’ve also “collapsed” the hiring process. We used to take our time

Chris Stoler

and evaluate and now we’re making an offer to a potential employee “in the moment.” That can be risky but it was something we felt we had to do. We’ve had to adjust and re-adjust and re-adjust to be more flexible as a management team and as an organiza- tion so everyone understands where we’re going. BCN(US)202109(o)(出血5mm).pdf 1 2021/9/7 下午 03:50:46










March 14, 2022

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