King's Business - 1954-12

When You Select a College

When you select a college you want one that is not only solidly evangelical but one that academically meets your needs. It is a basic fact that no school is stronger than its faculty. Recently a professor at the University of California at Berkeley said, "I would rather sit a hundred feet from a great man than at the feet of a mediocre man.” In order that you may evaluate B iola objectively we invite you to study our latest catalog and talk to graduates o f the school. This month we’d like to introduce three men who help give B iola academic stability. Men of Biola

Professor Wallace Emerson (M.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., University of Southern California); Chairman, Psychology and Philosophy Division. Dr. Emerson has served in the public schools for 15 years, and taught courses in education and psychology at Occi­ dental College, University of Southern California, San Diego State Teacher’s College, Wheaton College and was president of Westmont College. Professor Timothy Fetler (Ph.D., Northwestern University); Head of the Philosophy De­ partment. Dr. Fetler grew up in Europe and is fluent in five languages; taught three years at Northwestern University and four years at the University of Southern California. Professor Donald S. Robertson (B.A., Stanford University; Ph.D., California Institute of Technology); Chairman, Science Division. For the past several years has spent summers with a group of other scientists doing research in problems of plant heredity. Biola offers

Four-year Bible College granting B.A. degree and elementary teach­ ing certificate. Majors are offered in Psychology (with emphasis on guidance and counselling), Bible, Christian Education, Public School

Education, Music, Philosophy, English, History. One-year post-graduate School of Missionary Medicine Three-year post-graduate Seminary Two-year Bible Institute

For catalog or other information you may write BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, INC. Room 808 Los Angeles 17, Calif.

This month we salute the following B iola graduates: % Charles E. Fuller '21 Percy Crawford '26 Dick Hillis '32 In charge of Released Hour; fo u n d er of the Air; founderand Missionary. Head of Time education for Missionary. Translo- Fuller T h e o lo g ic a l p re sid e n t of The Orient Crusades,Tai- 750 students in The tion work with Wyc- Seminary. King's College. peh, Formosa. Dalles, Ore. liffe in Mexico. Miriam Henderson '49 Marjorie Peverley '52 Director of the Old D ire c to r of Young Fash io n e d Revival People's C h u rch of

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