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CHALLENGING OURSELVES TOGETHER Taking On a New Fitness Hobby With My Wife

As avid readers of this newsletter may be able to tell, health and fitness

each obstacle. The obstacle that sticks out the most to me is one that's almost like twisting monkey bars. As you swing across them, the bars rotate while you dangle over a mud pit. It’s ridiculously long — at least, it feels that way when you’re in the middle of it. Participants have left the races with broken bones and bloody limbs as they put their whole body to the test. It’s supposed to be a painful, gritty experience, and completing any of these races is a tremendous feat. Additionally, the whole race ends with each participant jumping over fire in a last-ditch, high-adrenaline release of any remaining energy. It’s an exhilarating way to finish such a challenging and consuming race. I’m proud to say that I’ve completed the sprint, and my ever-dedicated wife completed the Spartan trifecta this year, finishing each kind of race. Karen has been really passionate about every race, and she even has a friend that joins her when I’m too chicken to do so. We’ve even been talking about getting our daughters involved in the races, and the Spartan Race has made this easier by creating the Spartan Kids. We know they can finish a race like this, and we’re excited to continue this hobby with them. Plus, this gives us a reason to travel and tour the country together. Karen recently completed a Spartan Super Race in West Virginia, and we’re looking forward to future races across the U.S. We’ve done mud and road races together in the past, but nothing compares to the feeling of finishing the Spartan Race. I collapsed at the end, trying to ignore every painful part of my body and feeling invigorated by the task I just completed.

are large parts of my family’s lifestyle. My

wife, Karen, and I want to instill good habits in our three daughters, so we’ve always encouraged them to be active. It’s one thing to tell your children to be active; it’s an entirely different undertaking to show them how.

Karen and I have no problem taking our own advice when it comes to staying fit. I’m a former competitive runner and I thoroughly enjoy a run that challenges both my legs and lungs, pushing me beyond the limit I set last time. The opposite can be said for my wife. She hates running! Instead, Karen focuses on fostering strong muscles and strength through her daily workouts and the classes she teaches at Main Line Health. I like to think I have a strong upper body, but I know her stamina could beat mine any day. The most recent fitness phenomenon we’ve found ourselves involved with tests both of our limits and passions. About two years ago, Karen started running Spartan Races, and somehow, she roped me into this ultimate test of endurance and strength. These races combine running and extreme obstacle courses into one powerful and challenging race. It features three levels: the Sprint, the Beast, and the Super. Each one varies in distance, number of obstacles, and difficulty of

The post-race beer helped, too.

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