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England ski resorts offer $17 lift tickets on St. Patrick’s Day. That year, there was plenty of snow, which made for a great day on the slopes. If you think about it, your personal history is happening all around you. When the Patriots won the Super Bowl last year, I again took my daughters out of school, and we went to the victory rally. They had really paid attention during the Patriots’ historic Super Bowl comeback and felt they were a part of it. Who knows how many memories like that we will have? They were easily able to make up the work from those two missed days, but the memories will stay with them. Whenever we are near the spot where we stood for the Rolling Rally, we talk about how packed and festive it was that day. It wasn’t just me who was impressed with this speech. A friend of mine who was also at the event was so moved that he hired a reporter to interview his grandfather. It was videotaped, so his life story will be preserved forever. How cool will it be for future generations to hear his story directly from him? I hope that you’re able to create many memorable moments this March and for the many months ahead. Whether cheering on your favorite team (or a Cinderella story) during college basketball’s March Madness or having a pint for St. Paddy’s Day, enjoy the little things in life, and just have fun while we all wait for warmer weather. " You need to share your experiences and your stories with the next generation. No one will be here forever. Don’t let your part of your family history die with you."

YOU ARE YOUR HISTORY Don’t Forget to Share ...

about history! I would have remembered hearing about that. Since that time, I started asking more questions of my own family. Just within the past month, I have learned that my father had two uncles who died during historic events. One was killed at the invasion of Pearl Harbor, and another was killed at the Battle of Dunkirk during World War II. These are interesting conversations. I never knew my family was a part of such history. I would never have asked the questions that prompted this information without hearing McCullough’s speech. Don’t just tell the good stuff, either. McCullough also said that everyone has quirky people in their family. Don’t hide them. Tell your family about them. They often make for colorful stories and can also provide important real-life lessons. I’m not sure if this is what McCullough had in mind, but shortly after hearing his speech, I pulled my daughters out of school for a weekday road trip to Bretton Woods Ski Resort in New Hampshire on March 17. Many New

Two years ago around St. Patrick’s Day, I was at a dinner event where the keynote speaker was author and historian David McCullough. He has written many books you’ve probably heard of and perhaps read. He has also won two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Book Awards, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award. The seven-part HBO miniseries on John Adams, produced by Tom Hanks, was based on his book. It is not often that a speech touches me, but this one did. Being a renowned historian, he told us how he has noticed that a lot of people’s stories don’t get shared with their family members. He said, “You are your history.” You need to share your experiences and your stories with the next generation. No one will be here forever. Don’t let your part of your family history die with you. Too often, older folks presume that the younger generation knows what they know, and that’s not the case. As he spoke, I remembered one time when my father casually mentioned that his aunt was a Titanic survivor who lived into her 80s. Talk

–Neil Crowley


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