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Bonnie Jean-Louishas just launchedhis

Casselman Mayor Claude Levac has

fourth election campaign, and she is more


optimistic than ever that she can win the

nomination in the provincial riding of

support of the voters.


The community activist will represent

Elected mayor of the village last fall,

the New Democratic Party in Glengarry-

Levac has entered the race to succeed

Prescott-Russell in the Ontario election that


will be held October 6.

down after 17 years at Queen’s Park.

Asked why she has entered the political

The other candidates seeking the

arena again, she said, “I am a person who

nomination are former Cambridge

acts. We need change in the province of

Township mayor Gerry Bertrand, North

Bonnie Jean-Louis

Ontario and it is the New Democrats who

Glengarry Mayor Grant Crack and Jean

have the action planwhichwe need to bring

Lemay, president of the Conseil scolaire

Sinceanearlyage, shehasbeen interested

about the necessary changes.”

dedistrict catholiquede l’Estde l’Ontario.

in the politics and in the effects political

Jean-Louis has already run twice for a

No date for the nomination meeting

decisions have on ordinary people. “I have

Hawkesbury councillor’s post, in 2006 and

has been set yet. The Liberals have held

lived the impact of globalization,” she

Claude Levac

2010, and as a representative of the Green

the provincial riding since 1981.

comments. “My father worked 23 years for

Party in the 2006 federal elections.

Amoco and lost his job in 1987,” she says,

She remains optimistic. She recalls that

referring to the defunct factory in

the last time that a long-time Liberal

Hawkesbury. Duringa longstrikeatAmoco

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representative stepped down, the voters

in 1981, her family was forced to live on $35

changed their allegiance.

a week. “Today we still see companies that

Following the departure of Glengarry-

are only interested in maximizing their

Prescott-Russell MP Don Boudria,

profits,” she says.

Conservative Pierre Lemieux was elected.

Traditionally, the NDP has run third in

The current Liberal M.P.P., Jean-Marc

local elections. However, in the last

Lalonde, is not seeking re-election.

provincial vote, the New Democrats lost

“The federal elections are another reason

ground to the Green Party.

for the New Democrats of Ontario to be

In the 2007 election, Lalonde was re-

positive,” adds Jean-Louis. “The “orange

elected with 24,525, or 60 per cent of all

wave” of federal leader Jack Layton can be

ballots cast.

felt at the provincial level.”




Social justice will be the theme of her


current campaign, she says.

Green Party candidate Karolyne Pickett,

“Governmentsmust domore to close the

2,348, or 5.8 per cent, NDP hopeful Josée

gap between the rich and poor. More and

Blanchette, 2,301, or 5.7 per cent, while

morewe are seeing themiddle class fall into

Family Coalition member Vicky Gunn got

poverty,” she says.

339 votes.

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