Lewis-Goetz UpTimes, January 2016

January/February 2016

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As we begin 2016 in our current economic climate, it is helpful to know the tools and resources that are available to you to help keep existing business and grow your sales. This issue will discuss these resources and give examples of some recent successes we have had. I look forward to celebrating success through 2016 as we work together on reviving our top line sales. While we are always working at a Corporate and Area level on initiatives to grow sales (for example the refinery game changer and the Share of Wallet project) there are ways that you can grow your sales locally at the division level. The first article discusses how Corporate Marketing and Wouter Schipper (Charlotte Branch Manager) are working together to increase sales with current customers and to capture new business within the Charlotte area. These strategies help us to align with our

Contest Update

E Another SHV strategy is to invest in people. Since 2013, we have invested in the safety of our employees to make sure they leave work just as healthy as when they arrived. Through these efforts, our recordable incidents are down. In 2015 the West Area has zero recordable incidents. Kudos to the West and this should be commended by all. Also, Canada has reduced their recordable incidents by 75% year over year. I am very pleased with this improvement and hope to see this trend continue in 2016 not only in the West and Canada but across the board. Read on to see some new OSHA regulations and initiatives that we will be focusing on this year from a safety perspective. We are also pleased to announce our December, quarterly, and annual Sales Strat contest winners. I would like to congratulate all of those that have participated in the contest this year. You should all know by now that I believe Sales Strat to be one of the most important sales tools that you have. We have structured our company to sell not just products to our customers, but also service and our value add. Customers come to us for our global footprint, local presence, and our know- how. Sales Strat is the best tool we have to prove to our customers the value we bring as a company. Without documenting this value, we risk losing business to low-cost competitors. To help encourage greater use of this tool in 2016, all account managers will be expected to utilize Sales Strat and we will continue our contest to incentivize you along the way. I hope to see 100% participation from the field in 2016, recognizing that utilizing this tool is a key way to keep and enhance business. ultimate parent company, SHV, by “growing through performance.” Please take the time to read about all of the approaches that are being implemented in Charlotte and think about how you can use some of these tactics in your own division/district. In this issue, we also wanted to highlight some recent successes we have been having in the refining industry specifically in the East area. This is another SHV strategy: “go for niche and market share.” In late 2013, we chose this industry that our products and know-how fit well in and where we could gain significant market share. Advanced Sealing’s expertise and unique know- how along with our own brand of Leader branded products, we have been able to capture new business. In the article you will see how we are leveraging this know-how to get key meetings with customers and how you too can utilize this internal team of experts.

Don Evans President and CEO

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