Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

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orher word"s, it is a thcme of purifyir-rg matter and transforming it into spirit. This process is explainecl b,v Srila Prabhupida in his Sr.i Isopanisad conlmentary: "The Lorcl's worshipable form (arrr]-vigraha), which is installed in ternples by authorized dcaryas who have realized the Lord in terms o[Mantra Seven, is non- clifferent from the original form of the Lorcl. The Lord's original form is that of Sri Ktgqa, ancl Sri Klqpa expands Hirnsel[ into an unlimited nutnber of flonns, such as Balacleva, Rama, Nrsirirha and VarAha. All of these forms are one and the sarne Personality of Godhead. Similarll', the arcn-vigrzha worshiped in temples is also an expancled form clf the Lord. By worshiping the en'ca-vigraha, one can at once approach the Lord, who accepts the service of a clevotee by His omnipote nt cnergy. The arca-vigr.aha ol the Lord descends at the request o[ the dcaryas, the holy tcach- ers, and works exactl), in the original way o[ the Lorcl by virtue of the Lord's onrnipotence. Foolish people who have no knowledgc of Sri Isopanisacl or an,v o[ tlre other Sruti-mantras consider the arca-vigraha, which is worshiped by pure devotees, to be made o[ material clements. This fonn may be seen as n-raterial by the inrperfecr eyes of foolish people or ltanistha-crdhiharls, but such people clo not know thal the Lorcl, being omnipotent ancl omniscient, can transfortl Inatter into spirit and spirit into ntatter, as He desires." Ilsoparrisrtd Mantra ll, purportl Clrarrting rlI the Hare Krsna maha-ntantl'ct wit]r a pra]rer [or the Lord to appear in the dcity lorm is thc tt'rost essential aspecl. ol'thc deity installation proccss. Thereflore during thc installation ceremony at the Krsna-Balat'ama temple in Vrnclavana in I975, Srila Prabhupada told dcvoLecs tl'rat ltirtcna is sufficient to install clcities. Howcver, he arranged Ibr local brdlunanas Lo pcrflorm the installa- tion.vajna so thar thc residents oI Vrndavana woulcl accept that the deitics had been 'ol'ficially' installed. [n fonncr ages, thc l'neans of attaining spiritual pe rfection werc cgmplicatecl and required a high clegrec ol purity o[ mitrd and senses which is difTicult ro attain in Kali-yuga. Those methocls inclucled rnedit-ation, deity worship, and sacrifice. The Srlmad Bhagavatam states:


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