Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


bug just crawling along in the midst o[ this profound universal event, just fortu- nate to be there as the nectar poured down from the truck drenching all those around. It was one o[ the best days of my life. Upon returning horne, I flopped down on the couch, and picked up an old maga- zine. The qllote on the front caught my attention. lt saicl something to thc effect that, "..for many years Mdyipur will become covered, but when the Suprenle Lord's will becornes strong, Mdydpur will again become manifest." My hair bristled as I reacl this, as it seemed to explain whal we had just experienced-the will oI the Supreme Lord is becoming strong. Although I have at times become disappointed, discouraged and even skeptical about ISKCON's [uture, I now feel more confident that Lord Caitanya's movement will somehow flood this world. How and when this will take place, who can say? But it is the Lorcl's desire, as well as the desire of His pure devot-ee, Srila Prabhupida, so it is certain to happen-clespite us. The future is bright!

Hnnati Devl Dasl

There is one thing I alr very thankful [or, I was allclwed to sew one of the outfits for Sri Paflca-tattva. It was a very special experience. Jananivasa and KeSavi gave me an old set of dhoti and chadm from Sri SrI Radha Madhava, ancl told me that I should make something like that, except for the chddar, sinceJananivdsa Prabhu did not like the design. Alter getting an idea o[what they wanted me to do, I drew up a design. Not finding any suitable lace in Kolkata, I hacl sorne custom-made. Somehow the 'Russian Mafia' hearcl that I needed help! Suddenly there was twen- ty-eight Russian maLajls crarnped together in my little hut sewing rnirrors onto the Rajasthani sct, which has now become the Sunday outfit. They literally came run- ning across the rice fields, asking to help, wanting so much to do sorne service for Sri Panca-tattva. I can hardly put this in writing, it's harcl to explain---it was like


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