Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eightern Dcys - Sri Psh<ct-tuLtvots Mayaput-lila

to set the mood of the day, thus I thought it best to just engage in some service for Their Lordships and forget trying ro assisr the maha-a,bhiseha in any way. so I wenr home to worship our deities and was planning to go the sewing room right after, to see if I could help there in any way. While worshipping our cleities, my husband callecl me by phone, explaining that he had sponsored somerhing and rhat we both coulcl go and witness the ma'ha- abhiselza, and that I hacl to be there right now! My heart was jumping in rny chesr and I forgot all about the sewing room while rushing back ro the temple. And again, while entering the temple through the side entrance , I [elt that something very grand and important was taking place ancl that due to inconceivable mercy and by the blessing of Srl Guru and Gauringa, insignificanr 'me' was permimed ro witness it firsthand. And what followed, everyone present then and there, perceived in their own per- sonal way... Sri Paflca-tattva-'life size'-taking Their lnstallation Bath, assistecl and surroundecl on all sides by clozens of brtrhmins. I pray that the vision thar we all were beholding that day may eternally remain with us.

Bhahtajana Priya Dasa ancl Mano-rahsi Devl Dasi

We wanted to keep the day of Sri Paflca-tattva's arrival always in our heart. It was a full-rnoon day. we walked down beyond the Yogapith to.ioin rhe processiorr where all the devotees and so many other people around Sriclhama Mayapur were engaged in ecstatic 'lzirtana. Dancing and hlrtana.s were making the whole atmos- phere congenial for Their Lordships' pleasure and welcome. Taking Them inside the ternple was a diflerent experience which was full of ten- sion, as the devotees were facing lots o[ difficulties. On the first day, only Caitanya Mahaprabhu was taken inside rhe ternple. Aflter lot of struggle, Mahaprabhu was finally standing on the altar; it was just the time the sun was setting in the wesrern


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