Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


Lord Siva combined, and He is solely responsible for calling Lord Caitanya to this world because of the distress He felt to see the suflering living entities of Kali- yuga. A passage flrom the Srl Caitanya-bhagavata came to mind, wherein Lord Caitanya requested Sri Advaita to ask a boon from Him. Advaita AcArya refused to take a boon for Himself, saying, "What more could I ask [or? I have seen You in person." When Lord Caitanya insisted, He asked, "lf You distribute Krsna-prema, then give it also to the wornen, the sudras, the fallen, and the ignorant people. Let everyone, including the candalas, dance in ecstasy, chanting Your Holy Name." Appreciating the request of Advaita, Lord Caitanya roared loudly, "Let the entire world bear witness to Your mercy upon the ignorant and fallen conditioned souls." It was overwhelming to think that I was sitting there in Mdyapur due to the inrmense kindness of Sri Advaita Acarya. I began to consider, "Now here is some- one who coulcl understand me. I mean, He even knows how to engage ghouls, ghosts and goblins, and He doesn't even mind having them around." His kindness was palpable. I felt so grateful to Him, and prayed, "You know about fallen peo- ple, so you can understand me and somehow give me suitable engagement. Please give me shelter at your feet." lnterestingly, that aftertroon my dear friend, Ramidevi, asked me to help her to make shirt patterns for the big Panca-tattva deities, and explained that we would need to stay up many nights in the deity room making the patterns on the deities Needless to say, this was a wonderflul opportunity for me.

Vrajanath Dasa

The day the cleities arrived on tl'le truck, we went to welcome the Lord at the Yogapith. I saw the truck carrying the Panca-tattva deities, and the driver of the vehicle was so blissful; all the devotees were offlering obeisances and incense; some were showering flowers from the roof-it all reminded me o[ when Lord Caitanya appeared in the house o[ Sacimata, when the demigods, apsaras, ancl ltihhara.s were


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