Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eighteen Days - Sri Pafica-taltyats Maydpur-lila

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There are few words known to an ordinary person to describe an event as magnificent, vibrant, enlivening, awe-inspiring, and humbling, as the arrival and installation of Sri Paflca- tattva in Miydpur. Nothing can com- pare to the beauty and artistic expres- sions already penned by the grear saints who left their legacy in the form of scripture: Caitanya- cantdmrta, S rt C aitany a-bhagav ata and Bhahtiratndhara.

Let these exalted personalities-Srtla Kfpna DAsa Kavirija, Srila Vrndavana ddsa Thikura, and Sri Narahari Ddsa-deliver with their words the majesty and spectacular commentary of this memorable occasion. "My dear friend, this forest of Vrndavana is giving great pleasure to our senses in various ways. Somewhere the creepers and tree twigs are dancing, the malliha flowers are expanding their fragrance, and an over-abundance of juice is constantly flowing in showers from pomegranate fruits. " Vidagdha-madhav a


As the ladies of Mayipur prepare Sri Panca-tatrva [or the first darshan, Lili Avatdra Devi Ddsi stands in Gadddhara's transcendental shower photo Vrnd:iranr Lild D(vi Disi

lr7.I Caitanya and Gadridhara enjoy an opulenr pomegranate juice bath photo Nitya-rrpLa Dcvi Dasi

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